Best Indian Mehndi Designs Latest Images 2019

Easy and simple mehndi designs for hands shared here are sure to steal your heart. Henna, popularly known as mehndi is a special way of beautifying hands and legs. Whether it is a small ceremony or a big lavish wedding day, women love it. Adorning hands and legs with lovely red-brown coloured henna is one of the oldest traditions. It is extremely popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and other Asian countries. Besides pigmentation, henna is also known for its typical pleasing aroma. It is also known to have therapeutic benefits for skin.

Mehndi word is derived from Mehandika that is a Sanskrit language word. Besides beautifying hands, it is also used as a natural hair dye. After applying, it leaves beautiful red designs on the palms. Women in India deck up their front hands, back hands, and fingers with lovely patterns. Buzz9studio brings much more on fashion and lifestyle. While you can explore more on our lifestyle section, check out the best Indian mehndi designs here. If you are not very good at applying henna, these easy and simple mehndi designs serve the purpose.

Prettiest Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Our simple mehndi designs hands give you a collection of simple and easy patterns. Bridal henna is a tradition in India. Girls also love to put mehndi on occasion of festivals, ceremonies, and weddings. But not everyone is good at applying intricate designing. Here we have tried to bring the best mehndi designs that are simple to apply to anyone.

You can use these simple mehndi designs for hands for quick application. If you are into your hectic schedules and do not have much time, just go through these designs. They are best suitable for occasions like karva chauth, housewarming, birthday party, baby shower, and other such events.

These lovely designs are quick to apply and hence best even for last minute preparation. As the dark chocolate colour turns to a rusty red colour, it will make your hands look very pretty. We are sure you would love this collection of simple and easy mehndi designs.

New Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Indian mehndi designs are generally known for their detailed and intricate patterns. Beautiful motifs which are most common are flowers, leaves, and creepers. Modern mehndi designs are also loaded with checker designs and stripes.

Henna was popularly used to decorate palms. However, with modern trends, backhand simple mehndi designs for hands are also popular. This collection of back hand mehndi designs is also sweet and simple. Check out and pick the one you fall in love with.

Quick Mehndi Design tips for KarwaChauth

Karva Chauth is a major festival of married Indian women. Though it is a single day celebration, women celebrate with great fervour. And trust us, no women would like to miss mehndi on her hands on this special day. The day is marked by fasting with prayers wishing long life for the life partner.

To complete the traditional solahsingar, women decorate their hands with dark henna. The day is full of fasting, pooja, and much more. Most of the women do not have much time to spend on such day. These quick simple mehndi designs for hands are best for this day. Rather than designs, the colour on the hands is very important on this day. That is why we share these quick mehndi tips for karvachaut occasion.

Tips for darker mehndi colour

  • Apply mehndi a day before karwachauth
  • Do not touch water for 2 hours after removing mehndi crust
  • If you do not have much time, get smoke of clove on your palms for a darker colour
  • Avoid intricate designs
  • Avoid applying very patterns
  • a mixture of lemon juice and sugar once it is dried

Watch magical dark colour on your hands with these tips. These ideas will help you to get darker mehndi on your hands.

If you are looking for simple mehndi designs on occasions like any party and festival, this collection is right for you. Well, there are varieties of styles in mehndi patterns. We have trendy Indian designs, Arabic designs, and Rajasthani mehndi designs. We would love to provide you more styles and trends for the same in future. Stay with us and explore more tips on fashion and health on our blog.


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