Winter is soon going to arrive, and you will soon be feeling dry skin, cracked and flaky experience on your face, hands and legs. Although winter is a lovely climate, but it feels irritated when your hair and skin turns out dry and dull. Well, in order to prevent your skin and hair in the chilly winter days, it is important to take care of them.

As per the experts, the skin needs to be moisturized in the cold days to keep it healthy and glowing as ever. Let us have a look at some quick and easy tips which will make your skin and hair look gorgeous even in the dry winter days.

Best Beauty Tips for Winter Season

1. Lots and lots of water

It is the most important and easiest tip to keep in mind. Drinking more water will keep you hydrated which in turn will refresh you completely, giving a brighter look to you.

2. Moisturize your skin

In order to keep the skin protected, it is essential to apply moisturizer of top brands quite often. You can also make your own homemade moisturizer to be applied all over the body. After bath, you can apply natural oils on your body such as tea tree oil, primrose oil, avocado oil, mineral oil and other.

3. Sunscreen Always

People have a misconception in mind the sunscreen is applied only when the climate is hot. The fact is, no matter what the season is, when you are stepping out of the house, it is important to apply sunscreen lotion at least 30 mins before. It helps in preventing damage to the skin.

4. Oiling is Necessary

During winters, hair turns out to be dull and dry. They also get tangled easily and very often. Therefore, before sleeping one should oil the hair regularly to make it strong, healthy and shining. One can use almond oil or coconut oil or any other which is meant to nourish the hair. It will avoid split ends, white hair, dandruff, dryness, and make your hair look smooth, shining and bouncy.

5. Eat Right

In cold season, we generally get tempted towards warm and high calorie foods. However, we need to avoid them and jump over the foods which are high in vitamin E, omega 3 acids, low in fats and high in protein. You can have citrus foods, green vegetables and fruits to keep your skin fresh and energetic, which in turn makes you look bright and lively.

6. Conditioning Your Hair

Only shampooing hair is not enough, it is essential to condition it particularly in the winter season to avoid dryness and hair fall. However, make sure to use branded products only and do not compromise with quality.

Keep following the above mentioned beauty tips which can keep you look fresh and beautiful in the winter season as well. Also, remember to eat well, drink water as much as you can, and have sufficient sleep. Avoid stress and tension is life as well, and you will be glowing gorgeous as ever.


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