Digital India – Power to Empower

Digital India is an ambitious project initiated by the Government of India. The campaign was launched by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The campaign is targeted to improve overall digital facilities in India. Right from its inception in July 2015, it covers numerous schemes and facilities. Its importance as noted by experts is tremendous in overall economic and social growth of the country.

It is no more a news that technology can improve productivity by hundredfold. Various sectors like water, energy, electoral, education, and so on have embraced digitalization in past few years. The results are beautiful and that is what makes digital India project a very important.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital India Project

Importance of any project can be self-explained by identifying its benefits. These are the major benefits of Digital India project.

1. Greater Control to People

Digital India is aimed at empowering people. In turn, it reduces their dependence on the authorities. Aadhaar-linked subsidies and other benefits help to transfer amounts directly to the accounts of people. Online applications without contacting authorities are possible in seconds.

2. Greater Revenues

As the transactions are online and occur with rapid speed and efficiency, it is simple to monitor them. Tracking fulfillment of the taxes is now easier. This ultimately results in the overall financial strength of the economy.

3. E-governance

E-governance paves way for faster and safer transactions. Right from the issuance of the birth certificate to ration card; aadhar card to educational benefits, and important subsidies like LPG, digitalization is boosted

. Delivery of all the government facilities, benefits and services are now turning into electronic form thanks to the Digital India project. A good solution to the notorious red-tapism in Indian governmental sectors.

4. Job Creation

The digital economy has gigantic potentials to create new jobs in the markets untouched by the IT industry. The modernization and automation are often blamed for robbing jobs. But digitalization also generates many new job opportunities and scopes for business as well. Many IT jobs, consultancy businesses have come up looking to the digital needs of India.

5. Easy Information and Transparency

India has already seen the introduction of the right to information. Information is a crucial need for citizens today. With every record and data available online on the official governmental portals, information is transparent today. It is simple to access any of your information even while on the go. Information was never as simple and accessible as now.

The major schemes covered under the Digital India mission are Digi locker, eSign Framework, National Centre for Geo-Informatics, Data Centre for NIC, e-Payment Portal, UMANG app, etc. there are numerous other schemes and projects initiated under Digital India Mission.

However, a major part of Indian citizens is still not able to access the benefits of the schemes under this project. Hence the government is trying to reach the benefits of the e-governance to the smaller parts of the country. The campaign is important in the view of its ultimate aim of achieving better economic growth, transparent mechanisms, and faster implementation of the benefits and facilities.

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