Vladimir Putin – 2nd and 4th President of Russia. He is on the list of the world’s most powerful persons by the Forbes. Moreover, the honour is for incessant four years. The Forbes list is influenced by the power and money they control. Needless to say, Putin has a great influence on the world’s largest nation.

Putin has served Russia for the longest period of time than any other leader. His influence has reached every part of the globe. Right,from Syria to the United States, his power is acknowledged. His impact as a leader is magnified in last many years. To understand his greatness, one needs to peek into the world history for a while.

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In the last hundred years, the governing system in the world over has changed. The various developmental components have ushered great wealth, economic and military power. The collapse of the league of the nation after the World War I resulted in United Nations after the World War II. Thereafter, the general peace has prevailed and no world war III has broken out so far.

But the economic power developed by various nations and the ideologies followed by them broadly divided the world into two blocks CENTO and NATO. There was always an atmosphere of cold war between the two blocks of nations led by two superpowers Russia and the U.S.A. The governance system in Russia changed from monarchy to communist socialism which later resulted in the disappointing breakup of Soviet Union. Many small nations broke away and became independent of Soviet Union. Even earlier, the Russia had powerful leaders like Stalin. Gorbachev added little air of freedom in the Russian system. When the Soviet Union broke, the situation of Russia was bleak. At that time Putin emerged as a powerful leader with a focus on actions and ruthless in his approach.

During Vladimir Putin’s leadership

During Vladimir Putin’s leadership, Russia grew up with its GDP increased by almost 72%. His fiscal policies gave Russia a much-needed strength over the global platform. The country’s strength determines the power of its leaders. It is also determined by the control he has to exercise his power over his country. Russia’s growth and his ability to control has kept on the top of the Forbes list for so long.

He has earned himself the honour of the longest-serving president. Under his able leadership, he has proved a lot. He showed to the Russian population that he can lead the nation and meet on equal grounds the other dominant leaders like America. Under his leadership, the economic development of Russia has gone high. Putin depicts a picture of decisive actions and quick responses on the political and other issues he encounters. He has shown tremendous confidence in dealing with the other superpowers and carved out his own place in the world.

As a leader of a nation that has a veto power in United Nations, he is on the top. He truly brought up living standards of the country. This has permitted the reasonable free air to breathe,unlike communism. His power is obvious due to his ability to tackle the global issues. All these give Putin the position of the most powerful leaders in the nation.


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