In India, there are some cities that contribute a lot to the growth of the country. No doubt, they would feature strong business background, and this is the reason why it is good to know about those cities. In this piece of writing, we will take a look at the top 10 most developed Indian cities as per their GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. For those who do not know, GDP is the complete market value of the entire final goods as well as services developed in city/state/country, over a certain period of time.

Top 10 Indian cities and their GDP

  1. Mumbai– We all knows that Mumbai is the financial capital of India, and the whopping figure of this city’s GDP also speaks the truth. The GDP of Mumbai is 209 billion USD, or 1, 21,200 crore INR. In the entire world, it holds the 29th spot in the list of developed cities.
  2. Delhi– There are many industries in and around Delhi, which adds to the GDP of this city. The GDP of India’s capital city is 9, 68,600 crore INR or 167 billion USD. In the global ranking, Delhi holds the 37th
    spot in the list of most developed cities.
  3. Kolkata– During the British Empire, Kolkata used to be the capital of India. Being the third most developed Indian city, the GDP of Kolkata is 8, 70,000 crore INR or 150 billion USD. In the worldwide list, Kolkata holds the 42nd
  4. Bengaluru– Initially known as Bangalore, this IT center of India boasts of a GPD of 4, 81,400 crore INR, or 83 billion USD. No doubt, it is among the fastest growing cities in the world. The present global ranking of Bengaluru is 87.
  5. Hyderabad– After Bengaluru, the next city that has added tremendous power to India’s IT sector is none other than Hyderabad. The present GPD of this city is 4, 29,200 crore INR, or 74 billion USD. The IT backed economy of this city is pretty strong, and it has been ranked 84 in the worldwide list.
  6. Chennai– One among the four metros in India, Chennai is another quickly developing economy in the list. It features GDP of 3, 82,800 crore INR or 66 billion USD.
  7. Ahmedabad– This city is among the top ten fastest growing cities in the globe, and the present GPD of Ahmedabad is 3, 01,600 crore INR or 52 billion USD.
  8. Pune– Being located close to Mumbai; this city enjoys a lot of industrial benefits. 2, 78,400 crore INR or 48 billion USD is the current GDP of Pune.
  9. Surat– Another city of the Indian state Gujarat, Surat is known for its diamond cutting business. 2, 32,000 crore INR or 40 billion USD is the GDP it features.
  10. Vishakhapatnam– Known for its huge seaport, which is the largest in India, this city is also among the fastest developing ones. The GDP is 1, 50,800 crore or 26 billion USD.

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