Best Tips for Wear Saree During Pregnancy – Saree is one of the best outfits of Indian fashion. A woman looks elegant and charming when she adorns herself in a Saree. However, many pregnant women stop wearing a Saree because they find it difficult in draping. Saree is such versatile clothing which will always stay in fashion; it is a perfect clothing piece to give a feminine touch to a woman. Experts suggest not giving up a Saree for a reason like pregnancy. Well, if our elders have worn it during their time, then why cannot the younger generation?

There is some fashion tips related to Saree draping. Following such easy tips can help you look elegant even if you have a baby bump. In addition to this, you will also be comfortable in the Saree.

Saree Draping Styles for Pregnant Women

Women have a misconception that wearing a Saree during pregnancy will highlight the baby bump. But the fact is, a Saree will hide your bump and will make you look beautiful and graceful. Moreover, there will be no problem in walking as well.

Tips No.1 – Go for Light Weighted Fabric Saree

There are many fabrics which can make you slimmer even in pregnancy. Some of the ones you can go with are cotton, chiffon, georgette and such. Light weight will also help you in moving around freely.

Tips No.2 – Draping Saree above Bump

This is another way by which you can easily hide your baby bump. Tie the Saree above the bump and then check if the pleats are well done.

Tips No.3 – Drape your Saree loosely

It is a convenient option to drape your Saree in a loose manner and not tightly. You will be comfortable this way and will also look elegant.

Tips No.4 – Try New Styles

In India, women wear sarees in different styles. If you are bored with the usual draping style, then experiment with other ones and get a new look for yourself. The best draping style to hide your bump is Gujarati style where the pallu covers the upper body and gives a well-designed look.

Tips No.5 – Take help from elders

Your mom, mother in law or granny can help you out in draping the Saree in an elegant manner. They have worn sarees all their ages and in various circumstances have lived up to the classy attire. They can be the best fashionista for you in helping you draping during your pregnancy months.

Well, if you want to look beautiful as ever and hide your baby bump, then you can try out the aforementioned tips and look the best every time you wear a Saree.

On the contrary, why to hide the baby bump when you are in the most wonderful phase of your life? If you have a contrasting thought against hiding the bump, then you are all free to flaunt it in style by wearing Saree as per your own style and taste.

So, even when in pregnancy do not leave any chance to look superb in the best Indian wear, which is Saree.

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