Buying Used Machinery and equipment requires careful considerations. Whether you are buying or selling machinery, digital places are quite helpful today. What a comfort it is to buy or sell machinery sitting at home. You will be browsing through all different types of machinery with their images and specs.

If you are new to the activity of online buying and selling machinery in India, this post has something to interest you. Check out the 5 top websites that allow buying and selling of the used or second-hand machinery.

Best 5 Online Places to Buy and Sell Second Hand Machinery

These are among the most popular websites people use for dealings with the second-hand machinery and equipment. These websites deal with a plethora of machines like printing, pharmaceutical industrial equipment, packaging machinery, construction machinery, CNC Lathe machines and so on.

No.1 – Vendaxo.com

Vendaxo.com is a popular and most reliable website to buy and sell your second-hand equipment. The used machinery are listed here from all across the country. You may also find the best brands in our country as well the top-notch imported brands.

The website carries a high number of features and functionalities to help the users to find, order, quote, and transact conveniently. The website also provides verified listing if you want to be extra cautious about your dealing. Users get unlimited value-added services at very nominal charges. The additional services cover logistic support, inspection, insurance, and others.

If you are looking to buy or sell used machinery in India then vendaxo.com is one of the most trusted online places.

No.2 – Marutimachinery.com

Marutinachinery.com can be your well-deserved partner and online advise or for buying or selling the used equipment. It deals with a variety of machines used in different industrial sectors. You can sell out as well purchase ceramic machinery, electrical equipment, machinery for printing, ginning, and packaging.

No.3 – Machinesale.in

Machinesale.in is yet another reputed website that lets users sell and buy used machines. Indian as well as imported machines are sold and purchased here. Machine owners /dealers buy and sell used machineries like plastic, packaging, printing, machine tools, food processing, chemical & pharma machines, marine & material handling equipment and industrial machinery plants. Best part of machinesale.in service is that they do not charge commission.

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No.4 – Exapro.com

Exapro.com is a large online marketplace for the dealers, buyers, and sellers. The website is serving beyond the nation’s boundaries too. The website offers good transparency and accountability. You can even speak to the multi-lingual agents to inquire about any specific geographical market. Exparo.com also communicate with the customers besides acting virtually.

No.5 – Machineadda.com (No More Active)

Machineadda.com is one of the most trusted marketplaces that connects small and large industrial organizations and agents to buy used, brand new, as well refurbished equipment. Users can get a variety of products right from smallest spare part to bigger plant machinery. It keeps on adding new machine from time to time. The website also helps users in the contractual selling of the second-hand machinery. A dedicated team of technicians help in selling refurbished ones.

All above websites are the most reputed websites in India for purchasing and selling out used and refurbished machinery. Users get unlimited options to filter their search. The websites list the deals with images and specifications that will allow you to deal in a better way.


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