Top 10 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places in Gujarat

You’ll have to pick from a historical fort as your backdrop or ahead of pink flamingos. Or maybe you may pick from a lake, a hilltop or a beach? Gujarat’s natural beauty is the ideal complement to your imagination and we carry you 10 unique pre wedding places in Gujarat that will guarantee picture-perfect pre-wedding memories.

1. Adalaj Stepwell, Adalaj at Ahmedabad

Adalaj Stepwell
Image Credit: www.trawell.in

Distance: 19KM from Ahmedabad

Adalaj Ni Vav or the Adalaj Stepwell was made by the Vaghela dynasty and was once a haven in the arid regions of Gujarat. The architecture and intricate wood designs that encompass the well make it a wonderful vista for a pre-wedding shoot with a feeling of traditional appeal. Adalaj Stepwell is the best pre wedding shoot place in Ahmedabad

, Gujarat

2. Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

Ellis Bridge
Image Credit: www.wikipedia.org

Apart from linking the eastern and the western areas of Ahmadabad, this century-old bridge is situated on the west bank of the Sabarmati River and can be a great background if you want a traditional establishing with a little bit rugged background.

3. Champaner

Image Credit: www.sandeepachetan.com

Distance: 49KM from Vadodara

Flanked by religious sites and touring opportunities like the Amir Manzil, Vada Talav, and the Champaner fort, the location performs incredibly for a pre-wedding shoot background.

4. Rio Colina, Surat

Rio Colina
Image Credit: www.justdial.com

Distance: 38KM from Surat

This private resort has luxury cottages with views of the Vapi River. Whether you want to stage a few romantic scenes in the completely equipped decorations or by the eternity pool and club area, you’ll able to put a weekend vacation in along with your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Official Website – https://riocolina.com/

5. Pavagadh, Panchmahal

Image Credit: www.gujarattourism.com

Distance: 42KM from Vadodara

Situated just 46 miles from Vadodara, Pavagadh Hill station is a warm heaven when you want to take in the mountain air and let the natural charm of the environment help make wonderful photography moments!

6. Polo Forest, Himmatnagar

Polo Forest
Image Credit: www.tripadvisor.in

Distance: 156KM from Ahmedabad

Forests have a miracle all their own – whether it’s the dappled light from under the canopy or results in or the ruggedness of the ruins in this particular location. This will be a perfect location for a photoshoot!

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7. Uparkot Fort, Junagadh

Uparkot Fort
Image Credit: www.gujaratexpert.com

Distance: 320KM from Ahmedabad

Want to carry some sovereigns into your shoot? Or maybe you’d like an edgy, stylish passion to your pictures? Either way, Uparkot Fort in Junagadh will be the ideal location.

8. White Wasteland, Kutch

White Wasteland
Image Credit: www.coveringmiles.com

Distance: 400KM from Ahmedabad

Undisputedly, the most creative pre-wedding shoot would be in the white, salty sands of the Ran. The simple aesthetics are a music-video level of wonderful and you can improve this further with strong, soaked monotones in your wardrobe.

9. Sarkhej Roza, Sarkhej

Sarkhej Roza
Image Credit: www.holidify.com

Distance: 11KM from Ahmedabad

With unique impacts from Nearby, Hindu, Jain, and Mughal structure, Sarkhej Roza is an ancient tomb and a mosque and most popular for its style and structural beauty. This is definitely, a location to consider if you have artistic pursuits and a wardrobe to coordinate.

10. Sanctuary at the Little Rann of Kutch

Sanctuary at the Little Rann of Kutch
Image Credit: www.thinkingparticle.com

Distance: 163KM from Ahmedabad

One of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in India, the Little Rann of Kutch is a natural heaven with a lush green canopy and unique flora and fauna. Go wild here with a safari-style photoshoot, your fiance by your part.

These are some traditional locations in Gujarat that can offer the vintage feel that is most sought-after when it comes to best pre wedding location in Gujarat.


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