Here is a list of the best 10 travel photographers who ventured into this exciting out-of-the-box genre of photography. Travel photography experts have a greater responsibility of capturing different locations, cultures, people, and sites. They have amazingly mastered the art of story-telling through pictures.

We have tried our best to cover the most popular and expert travel photographers in the world. We are sure this will make you happy and familiar with the world of photography.

Most Popular Travel Photographers in The World

These world famous photography experts’ clicks are regularly published in top resources like National Geographic, Food and Travel, and others.

#1 Palani Mohan

Palani Mohan
Image Source: www.palanimohan.com

Palani Mohan from Hongkong has served Sydney Morning Herald for many years. His works are covered by the top magazines like National Geographic and Time Magazine. He has also authored four books on various subjects. He won prestigious awards from American Photo and World Press Photo and many others.

#2 Blake Gordon

Blake Gordon
Image Source: youtube.com

Blake Gordon is a Colorado based photographer who is an expert in many types of arts. His photographic works are published in top magazines like The London Times, Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic.

#3 Caroline Allison

Caroline Allison
Image Source: alivemag.com

Caroline Allison’s from Nashville is a celebrated travel photographer. She largely exhibits her work in the USA group shows as well solely her own. Her art is showcased at various museums and art galleries.

#4 Marie Hennechart

Marie Hennechart
Image Source: mariehennechartphotography.com

Marie Hennechart is a great explorer of different cultures, people, and places. She has traveled extensively and is an active travel photographer for 20 years.

#5 Ariana Lindquist

Ariana Lindquist
Image Source: about.me/ariana.lindquist

Hailing from China and the USA, Ariana Lindquist won a prestigious award from The White House News Photographers. She has photographed for various top magazines like The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Savure.

#6 Rob Howard

Rob Howard
Image Source: robhoward.com

Rob Howard is a famous commercial photographer who has traveled more than 130 countries. He worked for many reputed editorials. His clientele network covers Vanity Fair, GE, PepsiCo, and AT&T.

#7 Justin Guariglia

Justin Guariglia
Image Source: magazine.wfu.edu/2017/10/09/justin-guariglia-97-beyond-photography

Justin Guariglia has traveled the world extensively. He is living in many different Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong kong, and China. He has served as an editor for National Geographic Traveler.

#8 Michel Figuet

Michel Figuet
Image Source: www.facebook.com/michelfiguetphotographer

Michel Figuet from Paris started a career by working with the top photographers of the world. He took to outstanding travel photography. The work got published in top publications like Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and Elle. He also clicked on top-notch brands like Gucci.

#9 Jason Lowe

Jason Lowe
Image Source: www.instagram.com/p/BeGVnCwlm-R/

Jason Lowe is among the top videographers and photographers of the world. He captures culture and food across the world. He has contributed to the major food and travel magazines like Saveur, Food and Travel, and others. He is known for winning two Glenfiddich awards.

#10 Jonas Bendiksen

Jonas Bendiksen
Image Source: jonasbendiksen.com

Jonas Bendiksen from Norway started his career when he was quite young. He lived in Russia for many years. He has won reputed awards including Infinity Award 2003, and International Awards for Pictures of the Year.

So this was the list of some of the most celebrated and famous travel photographers in the world. They have contributed a lot to the world of photography with their astonishing work.


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