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5 Great Colours That Work for Every Bedroom of All Sizes


Have you ever considered how an artificially constructed movie setting might cause us to feel the same emotions as the actors in the movies? The colour scheme of the scene is what makes us feel what the director wants us to feel. The colour scheme has a significant influence in moving us to a different mood.

The colour scheme in your bedroom walls directly represents your family’s individuality; nevertheless, choosing and establ ishing the proper colour scheme

is a challenging procedure for novices. Wall paint colours exist in various shades. It is natural to be perplexed while picking between the multiple tints available for the same colour. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best two-colour combination ideas for your bedroom walls, as well as the exact paint colours you’ll need to replicate them.

#1 Brown and White

A fashionable bedroom is created by combining brown and cream. This combination creates an attractive dark wood bedroom makeover that is a show stopper. Conceptual colour palette with a glistening shade! Green Slate and Comfy Tan from Nippon Paint’s neutral spectrum make up this colour scheme.

#2 White and Lavender

A Reserved White and Lavender bedroom colour combination are unique and distinct. It’s an unusual bedroom colour combination that promotes sleep by soothing and calming you when you feel exhausted after a long day. The Nippon Paint colour pallet combines White (NP OW 1081 P) with Monet Lavender (NP PB 1433 P).

#3 Yellow and light Blue

Absolute Yellow and Classical Blue amplify positive vibrations. Elegant blue (NP BGG 1581 D) and bright yellow (NP YO 1113 A) from Nippon will brighten up your space.

#4 Green and Brown Muted

Choosing the right bedroom paint colour isn’t always easy. Some colours enlarge the space. Even if it’s not physically pleasing, a light brown and subdued green bedroom offers an earthy and natural feel. You may produce a light brown by mixing Healing Touch (NP N 1837 P) with Bamboo Leaf (NP BGG 1792 A). Simple colour combinations are lovely for bedroom walls.

#5 Purple Tones

The mix of prophetic purple and light cadence disproves the myth that wearing bold hues is solely for the brave. For a unique yet delicate colour combination in the bedroom, consider the lush and inventive characteristics of purple. Nippon Paint’s Prophetic Purple NP PB 1436 D and Light Cadence NP PB 1436 D can be combined to become NP PB 1440 P.

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