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15 Fresh Home Decors IDEA for Your New Home


Rearranging, tweaking, reinventing and freshening up- styling the home is everything about out of the box thoughts and very less about shelling out a huge sum of money.

Below are a few creative ways of reworking your house

1. Using a colorful quilt in place of table cover

A colorful quilt on table looks delightfully unexpected and brings a rich color to the table. It gives the much required warmth and pattern to the place.

2. Cut the tall table down

any old wood side table can be used as a cool coffee table once its legs are shortened. In case you do not have any table which you would like to change, you can visit any of the flea markets or the yard sales.

3. Group the small mirrors

in place of using each mirror in different spots, just collect all the small mirrors and display them.

4. Write on the mirror

a song lyrics or a poem written on the mirror can easily transform any plain décor into a conversational piece. You can use erasable window marker or a chalk marker for giving a temporary effect. You can be sure of testing them on small corners of the mirror before doing up the whole thing.

5. Updating the lighting fixtures with patterns and paint

little bit of paint and masking tape are required for changing the plan white lamp-shade into something modern and fresh.

6. Give your old accessories a new life with the help of paint

in case you have got a simple lampshade, which does not have a good shape, then you give it an all new life with a coating of paint.

7. Lower the fixture over head

a way too high lighting fixture can make the space look and feel impersonal and cold.

8. Toss the fuzzy blankets on the patio chairs

make the tiny patio cozy with soft blankets

9. Loosen the dining room with the help of director’s chairs

in case your formal dining-room feels too formal, then loosen everything a bit but swapping a few or all the chairs for simple canvas covered director chairs.

10. Put the unused containers on the shelves

bring focus on the random collection of objects on the shelves by simply grouping them. Peek inside the kitchen cupboards for finding the unused cake stand, ice bucket, vases and serving trays which may be used for corral items put on display.

11. Cover the headboard with beautiful textures

A kilim rug, a kantha quilt, a woolen blanket just folded neatly can make an easy and quick cover for the headboard altering the entire look within a couple of seconds.

12. Hang the headboard alternatives

just a cool patterned fabric panel or a cool rug on the wall over the bed can take the place.

13. Make your personal wallpaper

the removable decals and neatly cut electric tapes may also be used for creating the look of wallpapers.

14. Try the tinted chalk board paints

there is more to the chalk board paints than just green and black.

15. Hang the beautiful rugs as pieces of art

any accent rug makes a beautiful textured wall art piece.

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