Top 6 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry


You must have read on how silver was par amount to defeating a werewolves or vampire. The metal associated with the good and holy was a prominent weapon in the fantasy tales of vampires and werewolves, causing them to scream and howl when struck by them as they crumbled to the floor turning to ash. The mystified metal, has long been around human civilization. Many revering it for its mystical properties, however you might not know it but silver apart from turning shape shifting mythical wolves to dust also has real life health benefits

when worn.

Silver Jewelry Benefits for Health

#1 Destroying Anti-Bacterial bacteria in one’s body

it is now a documented fact that silver kills bacteria, in fact accord ing to the UCLA medical school in the 1980s, silver kills over 650 bacteria, parasites, fungi, and moles with disease sprouting potential. It was also documented that the natural mineral silver has no side effects to the human body and instead destroys antibiotic resistant super pathogens which in return boost your immune system

and keeps you healthy.

#2 Silver protects you from electromagnetic waves

Electronic appliances like computers and mobile phones are large part of our lives and often we over use them to an extent. Prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic radiations might cause us health concerns later on in life. Wearing silver has shown that it can negate the ill effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiations to a certain degree while expanding one’s circulation and maintaining one’s body temperature.

#3 Silver is a healer

The natural mineral silver holds several antibiotic properties and for years has been used by medical professionals in aiding the healing of wounds and infections. It also helps humans by preventing cold and flu, and other bacteria that could cause concerns in one’s health. It also allows for the quick formation of bones and the growth of new skin layers. Due to this very reason, many wear silver jewelry to avail the same benefits.

#4 Silver helps people with arthritis

Some research has shown significant evidence of silver as an instrument in combating arthritis and often when people feel pain in the joints of their fingers, they are advised to wear a silver ring. This reduces the possibility of contracting conditions which could grow to be chronic.

#5 Silver has also been used in relieving people ridden with anxiety

Silver spinner rings or worry jewellery is a common remedy for people who are anxiety ridden. The outer band that spins freely around the inner ring is therapeutic and imbued with silver natural healing properties have quite the calming effect on people aiding them when they have bouts of anxiety.

#6 A natural toxicity alert

Silver properties cause it to change colour when exposed to toxic elements. Thus if you happen to wear silver jewellery and a toxic element is present. Silver will change colour alerting you and the toxicity of the environment or material you are exposed to is.

So, now that you know the benefits, are you ready to wear silver jewellery? If you’re looking for a Silver Jewellery store in Ahmedabad, be sure to check out the collection at Anmol Silver Jewellery.

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