Best Tips to Avoid Pimples for Men


Pimples may occur on the chest, face, back, shoulders and neck that are the parts of the body which have the biggest number of the functional oil-glands as mentioned by Acne is more common in the teenage boys rather than adults. But, it can occur in any age men.

Because of the increased sweating more and more men are likely to suffer from acne on the neck, chest, back and shoulders. Shaving also leads to acne in men. Acne is not serious but still you can take some preventive measure for preventing its formation.

Step 1

Keep your face clean and wash it at least twice a day with the help of soap or very gentle oil free, water based cleanser. Frequent washing of face can also help in removing oil as well as dead-skin cells. Use some light body scrub during shower for preventing breakouts on your body. Exfoliate the skin gently in shower. With the help of an exfoliating scrub, remove the dead skin-cells which would in turn help in promoting the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

Step 2

Keep the hair also clean whether you have long hair or short, keep them clean. Wash them daily. Oil and dirt from the hair are transferred to the neck, face, shoulders and back when you sweat. Try keeping the hair short during summers for preventing acne from developing along the hairline.

Step 3

You should also exercise regularly. It helps in reducing stress and increasing the blood flow as well as oxygen to the skin. It also helps in preventing pimples.

Step 4

Try to switch to the electric shaver. They do not cause any kind of irritation, cuts or inflammation which leads to acne.

Step 5

Use a mild shaving cream, after shave and foam. Harsh products also aggravate the skin and cause acne and pimple.

Step 6

Try to wear loose fitting clothes as much as possible. Tight clothes trap a lot of moisture and heat that may cause irritation as well as friction on the skin. This makes the skin prone to pimples.

Step 7

Take a shower after swimming, exercise or after any kind of physical activity and sports as men are usually more prone to excessive sweating as compared to women. The sweat and oil on the skin causes bacteria and dirt to be trapped that may lead to pimples and breakouts not just on the face but even on the shoulders, neck, back and rest of the body.


In case you are not able to prevent acne or if you are experiencing severe pimple, then you should visit a good dermatologist.

Useful tips

Try to avoid touching the face and all the other acne prone parts of the body. There is a bacterium in our hands which may get transferred to the skin and cause acne. Even the phone’s receiver can cause breakouts.

Try to avoid the use of steroids.

So these are some of the important things which help in preventing pimples.

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