How to Choose Best Wedding Reception Menu?


Have you started planning the arrangements for your wedding? Well, if you are planning big and many guests are on the list, then it can be pretty confusing when it comes to choosing the reception menu for the wedding. If you are going to have a theme wedding, then even catering should be matching. Primarily, the reception menu should be impressive and the focus should be on quality, taste and of course the presentation.

Planning about wedding reception menu

Here, we shall check out some points that can help in choosing the right menu for the wedding reception.

1. Fix a budget

Every other decision of the menu depends on the budget, so fix it early. The budget should be based on the number of guests you are going to invite to the wedding reception. Be open and also be flexible.

2. Consult with few wedding caterers

It is important to start early and talk to few well known caterers of the city and decide on the menu and quotes. Make sure to have a complete menu without missing out the popular items of the city where you are.

3. Comparison

Compare the quotes based on your needs and requirements and short list a caterer much early before they get booked by others. Try to have a formal menu suitable for a reception party.

4. Decide the style

The dinner area should look pretty and tempting. Decide how to present different menu items on different tables and how to make everything look attractive.

Make sure you list the names of the items so that guests are aware of them before they munch on, this will help them in avoiding foods which are allergic to them.

Finally, add a personal touch to the area with pictures or something creative. Get set and go, plan early to avoid problems at a later stage.

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