Rules of Dieting – Each year, the ratings groups like health experts of U.S. News poll and Consumer Reports poll the real dieters for finding out the diets which are effective. Year after year, some of the diets rise to top- the weight watchers, Mediterranean diet, Dash Diet, Mayo-Clinic diet as well as clean eating are some of the diets which score quite high due to their effectiveness, safety and ease.

List of The 5 Basic and Strict Rules of Dieting

#1 They Push Produce

The general recommendations of eating at least 5 servings of food everyday do not cut it. We need 7-9 portions of veggies and fruits everyday especially during dieting. Veggies and fruits are fat free as well as ultra-low in calories. While you concentrate on adding produce in place of cutting anything, the intake of calories drops naturally and the health quotient rises with feeling of deprivation coming in. Mediterranean diets and dash diet are all full of fruits, vegetables, etc.

#2 They Prescribe Portion Control

Portion control is basically the friend of moderation. Eating till you are satiated but not excessively stuffed is related to feeling more energetic and less distressed post meals. Also, eating small portions helps the body in becoming conditioned to feeling full with small amounts of foods. The best way of controlling portions is using small bowls, plates, glasses and cups.

#3 They Permit Room for Treat

Several researches show that the diets which are rigid with a lot of rules regarding what you should not eat are related to mood disturbances, eating disorders and finally a failure to lose weight. Good diets are quite flexible in terms of offering opportunities for practicing decision making in real world. Some of the diets call it healthy-cheating while others call it rewarding. But, irrespective of the detailing of the diet, rule bending is occasional indulgence which actually helps in sticking to the diet.

#4 They Build Social Support

It is a human tendency to mimic and subconsciously we mimic the behaviors of our family members, friends, etc. That is why you need to expect to be as slim or as fast as your companion. Several searches have shown that the dieters attain great loss of weight while they’re supported by their fellow dieters. It does not really matter if supportive friends or family members live close by or far away. That is why both in person and online assistance groups work. Having a support during successes and failures makes we feel like we are not alone. This helps in sticking to the plan even while it is a bit tough.

#5 They add Movement

When it is about losing weight, consuming fewer calories is quite important rather than moving more. But, in order to keep the weight off, physical activity is important. Best of the diet plans promote moderate physical activities. As per the American College of Sports Medicine, approximately half an hour of exercise every day is a good start. Walking a few miles can be quite helpful.

Simple and Best Diet Plan For Weight loss

  • Avoid Banana , Sapodilla plum , Mangoes, Custard Apple , Dates , Jackfruit, Grapes
  • Avoid Regular Use of Potato / Beet Roots
  • Use Wheat Bread For Sandwiches
  • ever Skip Meals, Specially Breakfast
  • Pain Killers , Antibiotics Lead to Weight Gain
  • Food Taken During Fast Like ‘Sabudana’ Lead to Weight Gain
  • Avoid Non Veg items in dinner
  • Use skimmed milk
  • Drink Lemon Water/ Butter Milk/ Coconut Water (1 Glass in mild meal)
  • Do not starve that may lead to Weight Gain
  • Avoid Preservative food like Papad, Pickles , Canned Stuff etc
  • Include Coriander Leaves & Curry Leaves in your Food items
  • Drink more water
  • Only Use 2, 3 tsp oil & Sugar in one Day

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