Types of Keto Diets


Back in hunter-gatherer days, the Keto diet was not known as such. When carbs were scarce, it was just how you ate. When carbs are limited, the human body’s usual brain fuel, glucose, is depleted. Instead, we produce ketones to ensure our survival and well-being.

This distinct metabolic state is known as ketosis, and it is from which the Keto diet derives its name. However, depending on your objectives and interests, there are numerous methods to eat Keto. 

Types of Keto Diet

These are four significant categories of the Keto Diet.

#1 The Ketogenic Diet

The most popular diet is the SKD. It is ideal for beginners and a fantastic place to begin. It is suitable for people who want to lose weight and improve their overall metabolic health and well-being. It is excellent for treating Diabetes and PCOS.

#2 Ketogenic Diet with Specific Goals (TKD)

People who enjoy exercise and athletics and have prior experience with the Standard Ketogenic Diet are the most likely to use TKD. Many athletes enjoy using TKD to provide them with extra fuel to help them grow their muscles, boost their strength, and improve their athletic performance.

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#3 Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD)

It is a type of ketogenic diet that occurs in cycles. CDK is a more advanced ketogenic diet that takes more planning. It should start after one has completed the Standard Ketogenic diet and wishes to progress.

#4 Ketogenic Diet High in Protein (HPKD)

This Keto diet is best suited for bodybuilders who seek to maintain a very high muscular body composition. A higher protein-to-fat ratio can help you build muscle while using your stored body fat for energy rather than dietary fat.

#5 Where Should You Begin?

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