WordPress is a name synonymous with the best content management system. It is the most favourite platform for SEOs as well. Giants like Forbes, Search Engine Land, TechCrunch, and NASA have won the world in their realm by building WordPress based websites.

This wonderful software has gained enormous and well-deserved popularity. It is the best blogging tool as well a powerful way of building SEO-friendly websites. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a great CMS even for the non-technical people.

Benefits of WordPress for SEO

Besides a simple user-friendly CMS, worpdress offers tremendous benefits for SEO. Check out why you should choose wordpress from the viewpoint of an SEO. Here is what makes it the best for SEO purpose.

#1 Open Source Platform

Wodpress is an open source and hence it is simple and free to create your website. Similarly, there are hundreds of plugins and themes available. Many are available for free while some are paid as well. You can let your website perform specific functions just by installing plugin and functions to your WP site. You have a broad range of choices with wordpress whether it’s about theme or plugin or any other enhancement and analytical activity.

#2 Mobile Friendly

Google has clearly indicated that websites without mobile optimization will no longer in good terms. If your site is not responsive, it might lose its place in the search engine rankings. Wodpress users have nothing worry about this announcement as it is simple to optimize the site for mobile searches. Installing a popular plugin like Jetpack can make your website up to the mark with Google’s declared standards for the mobile-optimized website.

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#3 On Page SEO Benefits

Wodpress gives special benefits to the SEO for performing quick on page SEO activities. On the page, SEO is a complex process involving many factors. However, with wordpress, it is easy to manage all these factors without many efforts. The CMS lets you manage you’re on page SEO without any coding knowledge. Here are the major features of wordpress that lets you win as an SEO.

You can simply build permalinks, 301, title tags, headings, meta descriptions, and contents to make your site optimized for the search engines.

#4 User-Friendly CMS

The visual rich content manager and text editor in wordpress help you to manage your content to be in tune with the SEO requirements. It is super simple to add, edit, and publish your posts. You can add internal and external links to your posts, upload images and videos without any technical knowledge. The Yoast worpdress plugin handles the technical optimization of your website and ensures how SEO friendly is your post.

#5 Speed

Speed does matter a lot. That’s what Google has made clear many times. Your website’s loading speed determines a lot about its ranking. With wordpress, themes load quickly and you have speedy loading.

Wodpress helps SEOs in various ways to keep their websites user-friendly and SEO-friendly with least hassles. It also allows you to make your social media presence powerful. There are many social media sharing plugins available. Thus, wordpress is not only best for blogging but also for search engine optimization. If you want to build an optimized website quickly, WordPress is the best solution.


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