All the searches and information seeking have gone online today. People looking for real estate are also taking to Google search. When it comes to an important subject like property, it is better to route your search through a reputed website only. Here we have listed some of the top-notch 5 real estate websites in India to look for property.

Though you might rely on brokers or estate agents, an online search can help you a lot. You can get in touch directly with the property owners. You might also get in touch with good dealers and find out the attractive deals.

Best and Popular Property Websites in India 2022

Find the best portals you should use when looking for property in India. These websites display all categories and locations and offer wide-ranging options.

1. magicbricks.com

Magicbricks is a part of Times Internet Limited, a subsidiary of The Times Group. It is a common portal for searching property related information. The portal magicbricks.com has seen a significant rise in its popularity. It is the best place for renting and purchasing the good property. The database is broad and satisfying. It offers a good experience for buyer with images and filtered search options.

Website – https://www.magicbricks.com/

2. 99acres.com

99acres.com was initiated in 2005 and it features very large listings of dealers, builders, and property owners. It’s difficult to ignore this website when you are talking about the topmost real estate website of India. This is one of the most prominent and reputed websites. This site is a great place for dealers, buyers, and sellers for re-selling and first hand selling of the properties. It covers residential projects as well commercial properties.

Website – https://www.99acres.com/

3. indiaproperty.com

While above two websites cover mostly the metro cities, indiaproperty.com is the best site for the smaller cities. You can get all the details regarding the city. You can research on the property you want to buy with indiaproperty.com. It also covers the bigger cities.


4. Propertywala.com

Propertywala.com is mainly for renting and purchasing real estate in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and other top commercial cities. Though it is less popular, it is reliable and good for those living in prominent cities.

Website – https://www.propertywala.com/

5. Sulekha Properties

Sulekha properties are mainly for residents of south Indian cities like Coimbatore, Mysore, etc. You can find property even in smaller cities of the city like Coimbatore with all information on particular areas.

Website – http://property.sulekha.com/

Besides above listing, the other popular portals are makaan.com, common floor, and housing.com. Buying and renting properties becomes a breeze with these swift online portals.

You can also use this portal if you are looking for Paying Guest accommodations. A good research from your own side is importation before relying on any dealer. The portals are though excellent ways to get information of the dealers and property sellers. Well if you need any other information, browse through our categories. Buzz9studio is an independent non-official portal offering information on every sector of India right from fashion, Bollywood, business, and finance. Stay in tuned to us for any latest news update and information.


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