Here is the latest June 2021 updated list of the top 10 PCD pharma companies in India. The pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the oldest and established one after independence. The industry is buzzing with manufacturers, exporters, PCD companies and third party manufacturing companies.

The pharma industry of India is the 3rd largest in the world according to volume. It ranks 14th as per value. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore are leading bulk drug capitals of India.

List of Best 10 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

The list here will introduce you to the top pharma franchise company in India. PCD Pharma companies are also known as PCD pharma franchise. These companies provide rights to distribute and market its products to its franchise partners.

1. Cadila Healthcare

The world famous sister concern of Zydus group is the fourth largest in India. It is producing a very large number of drugs of various therapeutic categories. The company has branches in many countries like Brazil. Cadila Healthcare has acquired big pharma giants like German Remedies and Quimica e Farmaceutica Nikkho do Brasil Ltda.

Contact Details

  • Website – www.zyduscadila.com
  • Tel – +91-79-26868100
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

2. Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma is one of the Top 10 Pharma Company in India. The company is famous not only in India but also in the world. The company is also distinguished for its advanced R&D facilities. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. It has manufacturing facilities in multiple locations and also an office in the U.S.A. Sun Pharma’s product list contains extensive range of medicines. It offers medicines for psychiatry, cardiology, diabetes, neurology, and anti-cancer drugs.

Contact Details

  • Website – sunpharma.com
  • Tel – (+91 22) 4324 4324
  • Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra

3. RX Medicine Mart

RX Medicine Mart in Ahmedabad is one of the most reliable pharma manufacturing company. It produces antibiotic medicines, clav, liquid orals, respiratory, and anti-allergic drugs. The company is also one of the best pharma franchise companies in India.

Contact Details

  • Website – www.rxmedicinemart.in
  • Email – info@rxmedicinemart.in
  • Tel – +91 9277111155
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

4. Torrent Pharmaceuticals

The flagship company of the Torrent group is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Torrent Pharma operates in around 50 countries. It has more than 1000 products registered in the world. It manufactures a wide range of Cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, diabetic, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Torrent has also carved a niche in segments of gynecology, oncology, and paediatric.

Contact Details

  • Website – torrentpharma.com
  • Email – pv@torrentpharma.com
  • Tel – +91-79-26599000
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

5. Mankind Pharma

Mankind pharma is producing prescription drugs and based in New Delhi. It produces over 1000 products and also into research and development of new molecules. The therapeutic segments covered by the company are respiratory, gastroenterology, cardiology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, and diabetic.

Contact Details

  • Website – mankindpharma.com
  • Tel – (+91)-11-26844592
  • Email – contact@mankindpharma.com
  • Location – New Delhi

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6. Vibcare Pharma

Vibcare Pharma Pvt Ltd is having an office in Chandigarh and one of the top PCD pharma companies in India. The company is a famous brand in India for generic drugs, diabetic, and cardiac medicines. The product portfolio contains other antibiotic drugs, arthritic, antihistamines, and antibacterial drugs. The company also has a marketing office in Mumbai.

Contact Details

  • Website – vibcare.co.in
  • Mo. – +91-9888988858
  • Email – info@vibcare.co.in
  • Location – Mumbai, Maharashtra

7. Radico Remedies

Radico Remedies is a Delhi based newly established pharma company. However, it has grown at a rapid pace and has earned big fame in the country. It is manufacturing and exporting a large number of molecules. Radico is offering numerous products in the segment of veterinary, dermatology, and generics. Various services by the company are pharma PCD, contract manufacturing, and third-party manufacturing.

Contact Details

  • Website – radicoremedies.com
  • Tel – 01733 261789, +91-9317000789
  • Location – Ghaziabad, UP

8. Fitwel Pharmaceuticals

Fitwel Pharmaceuticals is also one of the Top 10 PCD Pharma Company in India. It is a leading ISO 9001:2008 pharma company offering latest molecules and is a highly innovative company. Its major products cover pharma, herbal formulations, and nutraceuticals.

Contact Details

  • Website – fitwelpharma.com
  • Mo. – +91 90330 28080
  • Email – mktg@fitwelpharma.com
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

9. Cubit Healthcare

Cubit Healthcare is one of the fastest growing PCD pharma company in India. It offers a significant range of life-saving drugs. The company from Ahmedabad owns GMP certified manufacturing facilities.

Contact Details

  • Website – cubithealthcare.net
  • Tel – +91 8000033222
  • Email – cubit_healthcare@rediffmail.com
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

10. Ambit Bio Medix

Ambit Bio Medix in Ahmedabad is one of the most reliable pharma manufacturing company and pharma franchise company in India. It produces anti bacterial medicines, clav, liquid orals, respiratory, and anti-allergic drugs.

Contact Details

  • Website – www.ambitbiomedix.com
  • Email – info@ambitbiomedix.com
  • Mo. – (+91) 9824382041
  • Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

So was the list of the Top 10 PCD pharma companies in India. Buzz9studio brings many other interesting information pertaining to the business world. Keep visiting us to get latest news updates.


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