Is something ringing a bell of alarm in your ears? Do you think your boyfriend or your partner is cheating on you? But you cannot be sure because you don’t know it really. You feel it just might be a weird instinct of yours. Well, there can be a way out of it now. Here is something that will help you to determine that your boyfriend is ditching you secretly.

First and first, these are not thumb-rules. These are psychological indications any person gives who is cheating on his girl. Hence, understand the signs and if you feel near to sure, verify first.

Signs When Boyfriend is Cheating

Check if your boyfriend is giving all the below indications. If yes, you need to be alert. Yet we recommend you to be alert and verify and discuss before you act on it.

Not Yet Ready for a Relationship

Your boyfriend tells you he is not yet ready for an early relationship. But he still talks to you and continues being good to you. He might give you attention but is not sure about the seriousness of your relations.

Avoid Introducing you to His Friends or Families

If your boyfriend is of matured age and well-settled but still refrain from disclosing your relations from his family and close friends, you need to be cautious. He might come up with all kinds of excuses when you tell him to introduce you to his family.

He Becomes Extra Careful About his Phone

If your boyfriend is keeping his phone on aeroplane mode while with you, check it out why. He might be wanting to stop messages coming during that particular time when he is with you. Or you feel is too much busy with his phone than before.

He is Never Sure about his Schedules

Every time you ask him to meet, he kind of a “not sure when I will be free” or he is never showing eagerness to meet, he might be not serious and seeing someone else.

Finding Faults

Do you think your boyfriend is all of a sudden criticizing you a lot? He might be trying to show that you are not of this type. Beware, he is trying to say he is no more happy with you.

Takes your Messages Too Easy

If he has stopped replying your messages or replying after ages, you better be careful. He might be busy texting other girls.

Backing Out

Every time you make some plans and he backs out, there is something fishy. Try to find out was there any genuine reason to do so.

Fishy Social Media Activities

If you see he is following many sexy women on his social media, try to find out more. Moreover, he might be spending time on dating apps. These are the signs he is probably seeing other women.

Too Possessive about his Phone

Is he acting too possessive with his phone? Suppose if you pick his phone and he snatches his phone reacting quickly, you have a reason to grow suspicious.

He is Avoiding You

When he is cheating on you, somewhere you will feel he is trying to avoid you. Maybe not openly but you will get at least some indications that he is not that passionate and enthusiastic about you. He is finding more excuses to avoid you than before.

The best thing is if you find many of above signs in your boyfriend, there are more chances he is not loyal. However, never react out of impulsion. Try to find out more details to determine if you are right and take necessary steps wisely.


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