Are you tired of waiting for a clear indication from a girl if she likes you? Are you confused about her feelings for you? This post tells you how to determine if a special girl around you also have a special liking for you.

Most of the girls behave in the same manner under particular conditions. There is certain behaviour that tells you the girl is interested in you. If you find all the below signals, the lady is really interested and looking forward to your attention.

Top Ways / Sign to Know if the Girl Likes You

Having a crush on a girl and not knowing she too feels the same way can be painful at times. Here are some signs that any girl will show if she too wants to be your girlfriend.

She Feels Nervous

If the girl really likes you, she will feel nervous while talking to you. She might get uncomfortable or becomes conscious in your presence. Check out if she touches plays with her hair or touches her clothes or other similar gestures as she comes across you.

Seeks Attention

Any girl who likes you will try to seek your attention somehow. She will be too conscious about her looks and in front of you. She will hold eye contact for longer than the talk. Not every girl behave in the same pattern but try to understand her secret motive. Also, check if she mentions you on her status messages or status DPs indirectly.

She Laughs and Smiles

The girl who likes you will pay extra attention to everything you say. She will connect to everything you say. Any funny comment from your side will attract her laugh and smile.

She Would Love to Talk

The girl will always want to talk to you under one or another pretext. She will quickly engage in conversation with you. She will also compliment you and greet you whenever she finds a chance.

Watch her Concerns

Anyone who likes you will do something beautiful just to make you feel special. The girl will wish you on your special days like a birthday with a difference. She might gift you some special thing to indicate her love for you. She will never miss to congratulate you on your achievements. She will take notice of every move of yours. Sometimes she may even show her concern by asking your friends about you when you are not around.

She Will be Responsive

The girl is quite quick and sure about replying to your messages. Or she will text you every day with kind of messages or images that you like. She will be equally eager to know what you like and what you don’t.

In short, a certain pattern of behaviour and gestures can tell you if the girl likes you. Moreover, the more the person likes you, the more she will be concerned about you. She will take everything seriously that connects with you. Sometimes it’s just enough and if the girl is giving all the above signals, you can go ahead to make her feelings crystal clear.


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