Luxury matters most when you are enjoying your stay in foreign lands around the world. Here we have listed 10 most luxurious hotels in the world. The hotels are world’s best Expensive, Nicest, Biggest and indeed offer second to none accommodations.

List of Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in the World

Everything about the best hotels in the world is awesome. Right from service to the food, you get more than you can even imagine.

1. Mardan Palace Hotel – Turkey

Mardan Palace Hotel is one of the top 10 expensive hotels in the world  and famous for a very large swimming pool. The pool has a capacity of 1000 guests. This extravagant hotel has terrific interiors of Italian marble, precious crystals, and gold leaf. The sprawling hotel accommodates 17 bars, around 10 dining spots, spa, large aquarium, and tonnes of other attractions.

2. Emirates Palace, UAE

Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi is one of the most expensive in the world. The hotel has around 400 rooms and suites as well other rooms for conferences, meetings, and banquets. The grand surroundings of the hotel boast the ancient royalty with modern facilities.

3. Hotel Westin Excelsior – Rome

The Hotel Westin Excelsior in Rome speaks a lot about the great history of roman empire. The hotel is a giant palace with a magnificent dome. Excelsior is in the most happening place in Rome. The prime attractions like Borahese Gardens & Gallery and Via Veneto surround the hotel. Guests can enjoy scenic views of Rome from the suite.

4. Burj Al Arab Hotel – Dubai

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is world famous for its breath-taking architecture. The hotel offers luxurious suites and many ultra-modern amenities. It has over-the-top attached heliport, tennis courts, and best nightlife recreations. The hotel is one of the most clicked places in the world.

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5.Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa – Anguilla

Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa – Anguilla is a luxury hotel on Anguilla island. The cooler Caribbean spot is a great place with tremendous numbers of villas, suites, and pools. The resort accommodates famous restaurants, beachfront, and a modern spa. A hotel is also a special place for golfers with a large thrilling golf course.

6. The Boulders – Arizona

The Boulders in Arizona is among the USA’s most famous and expensive hotel.It stands amidst the natural marvel of ancient boulders. The hotel offers a gigantic spa with natural treatments. It has two most famous golf courses for the sports lovers. The place is the best escape for very rich and famous people.

7. The Plaza – New York

The Plaza is yet another luxurious hotel in the United States. The hotel is in New York city and a favorite place of many VIPs of the world. Guests enjoy the best views of the Manhattan from the hotel rooms. It offers all modern amenities like gym, grand piano, dining room, personal chefs, library, pools, etc.

8. Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas

Here is yet another hotel in Caribbean waters. This island luxury is a large resort on Bahamas island. The hotel is a beautiful destination with pools, pianos, and gold chandeliers. It has great facilities for entertainment and recreation. The place is favorite of many due to beaches and a great marine life to watch.

9. Palms Casino Resort – Las Vegas

Palms Casino Resort is a casino and hotel in Las Vegas. It is a large resort with around 700 rooms and suites. Also a favorite a place of top Hollywood celebrities. The hotel gives all modern nightlife venues and entertainment.

10. One&Only – Cape town, South Africa

South Africa’s luxurious hotel One&Only provides great views.One can see the African table mountains from the hotel. The large place also offers an exciting nightlife. The great interiors include adornments of furnishings with African feel.

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The hotels in the above list are world’s most expensive hotels. The rankings are our expert’s personal views. But all these hotels give exciting comfort and luxuries.


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