Himalayan Treks in India: Exploring Himalayan range in India is one of the most amazing experiences. The globetrotters and hikers all around the world love it. Adventure amidst the sheer beauty of nature! Sky-rocketing mountains and snow-white waterfalls give an enthralling experience.

If you are planning your Himalayan tour, this information is right for you. Besides trekking, you can also get closer to the nomadic culture of the locales. The best trekking destinations of Himalayas are picked by us after exploring these snowy peaks in details.

View Top 10 Himalayan Treks in India

These top 10 treks in India are best to explore with minimum hassle and expense.

1. Markha Valley Trek

The most frequented trek of Markha Valley is located in the Ladakh trails. While on the way to Markha Valley, tourists get to enjoy beautiful villages, Buddhist monasteries, and views of captivating landscapes.

Best Time to visit Markha Valley Trek  – Mid May to Early September

2. Chadar Trek (Frozen River Trek)

The frozen river of Chadar trek is an awesome adventurous spot. Pack your bags with best goodies in the month of January or February to explore the freezing beauty of Chadar Trek. It is also known as frozen river trek as it lies along the frozen Zanskar river. Tourists can walk on the frozen pathway of the river in coldest months only. You need to be brave enough to face -20 to -25 c degrees at night and around -10 c during the day.

Best Time to visit Chadar Trek  – January to March

3. Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek is a spectacular strolling through stunningly beautiful places of Himalayas. Trekkers pass through Bakkhim to Thangsing with several beautiful villages. The trek offers a dream view of Kanchenjunga peak.

Best Time to visit Goecha La Trek  – October to November

4. Roopkund Lake Trek

The trek lies in Uttarakhand and first love of adventure seekers. It offers everything right from snowy peaks to meadows. It also accommodates famous place called ‘mystery lake’. The mystery lake or skeleton lake is the place where a large number of human remains from Palaeolithic age were found.

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5. Gangotri Gomukh Trek

Gangotri Gomukh trek is of great religious importance for Hindus. Besides being a pilgrimage site, it carries wonderful natural beauty. Tourists explore this trek to get views of lush green landscapes, glaciers, and snow covered mountains.

Best Time to visit Gangotri Gomukh Trek  – May – June & August – Mid Oct

6. Nanda Devi Trek

The highest mountain trek in the Kumaon range excites travellers with its mind-blowing beauty. The Nanda Devi trek takes trekkers through villages, many mountain peaks, and meadows. Trekkers are most likely to get glimpses of Himalayan wildlife like snow leopard, Himalayan Thar, and black bear.

Best Time to visit Nanda Devi trek  – 1st of June and August to September

7. Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass offers an immense treasure of jungles and paddocks wrapped in flowers. A perfect trek for hiking and scouting in Indian Himalayas. No wonder you will also get to see wildlife of this mountainous region. May-June and autumn time is the best for exploring this pass.

Best Time to visit Kuari Pass trek  – November to March

8. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

One of the most beautiful trekking spot located in Kashmir. Rightly compared with The Alps, the Kolahoi Glacier is a place of royal pines and meadows. You can easily reach there from Srinagar. While trekking through Kolahoi, you will come across Lidder River and snowy peaks as well fabulous wild flowers.

Best Time to visit Kolahoi Glacier trek  – March to October

9. Valley of Flowers Trek

One of the most celebrated places of Himalaya in India is the famous Valley of Flowers. Hemkund and Valley of flowers begin its way from Govind ghat. Hemkund Sahib Trek is visited by Sikhs to offer prayers at Gurudwara. Further, it leads to the Valley of Flowers which is an enormous stretch of colorful flowers.

Best Time to visit Valley of flowers trek  – July to September

10. Dodital Trek

Doditak trek is one of the best Himalayan Treks in India. Doditak trek is in Garhwal is surrounded by forests, oaks, and extensive meadows. It is also celebrated as a birth place of Lord Ganesha.

Best Time to visit Doditak trek  – Post Monsoon

Whether you are a hard-core mountaineer or a fun-seeking traveller, Himalayas have everything. An extensive tour into the ranges of the Himalayas by any holiday-goer is incomplete without visiting above treks.

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