Travelling during pregnancy can be stressful for every expecting woman. However, what if you just can’t avoid it? These travel tips for pregnant women guide expecting women for a stress-free travel. A little care and some precautions will help you travel safely. If you are about to travel with your baby in your belly, do go through our guidelines. Buzz9studio.com also advises on how to look good while travelling. You can browse the site for food, photography, fashion during travelling, and much more.

Pregnancy is a time for a great care and caution for any women. A woman has to stay comfortable and cared in every way. Though travelling is not recommended during pre-natal months, sometimes you don’t have control over it. If you cannot avoid travelling when you are expecting, be extra careful. We are sure the tips shared here will help you to travel safely during your pregnancy days.

How to Travel Safely While Pregnant

Find out how you can remain safe and convenient while travelling

even when you are pregnant.

  • Plan the Trip Timings Wisely

First and first thing, consider timings of the trip. A very long journey should be avoided at this time. Try to make the trips as short as possible. During the initial and middle stage of the pregnancy, most of the women have their share of fatigue, nausea, and spews. But the timings and symptoms differ. As these symptoms don’t stay for the full span of 9 months, you can time your trip accordingly.

If you have already passed the phase of morning sickness, you can plan your trip now. However, make sure that you have not started feeling too much of increased fatigue as yet.

  • Keep your Records Handy

Regardless of the manner you are traveling, keep your pre-natal records with you during a long journey. This will help the medical professionals to help you in a better way if needed.

  • Get Help

Whether you are travelling by car or plane or train, do not feel shy to ask for help. If you are travelling with your husband or kin, do relate your condition to them immediately. In the case of nausea or any other discomfort, attract the attention of the people near you. A quick medical help can save you from trouble.

Tips to Travel By Car During Pregnancy

Flying might seem a better option but the best way to travel during pregnancy is by car. The reason is while on road, you have quicker access to the medical facilities in the case of emergencies. It is easier to take a break in case if you feel like spewing. While you travel by car, keep your seat-belt quite loose below your belly. Do not fasten it on your stomach very hard. Do not travel more than 6 hours in a day even by car. If possible, incline your seat to sit comfortably. Keep some preventive medication for nausea in your bag.

Air Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

The airplane is a good way to reduce your travelling time. However, the airplanes have low humidity and you are likely to get dehydrated. Especially when you are flying for long hours, keep drinking a good amount of water or juice.

Quick Air Travel Tips for Pregnant Women:

  • Carry very light bags that you can manage without strain.
  • Keep your handbag stuffed with some emergency medicines for avoiding puking.
  • Keep on taking small amounts of water at every 10-15 minutes.
  • Make sure you do not avoid urinating due to travel. Hence, it is the best to choose an aisle seat to move around frequently.
  • Keep on having healthy snacks.
  • Avoid very heavy food while travelling.
  • Ginger flavoured soups will help you to prevent nausea and morning sickness.
  • Use compression socks to avoid discomfort in legs.

A simple tip of getting help and getting noticed is equally important. Make it a point to reveal your discomforts to the attendant quickly. Ask for juice or water when you are feeling dehydrated. If your bag is too heavy, get someone assist you. Even if you feel little fainting sensation, tell the person beside you or the attendant. By disclosing your troubles, you can save yourself from bigger troubles.

We are sure these travel tips for pregnant women will be quite helpful to all the would-be mothers. Travelling can be exciting or tiring. We intend to make it safer and easier for you with the useful tips and ideas. Yet again, we recommend avoiding travelling during pre-natal duration unless it is necessary.

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