Prepare your Bike for Leh Ladakh Road Trip – Leh Ladakh is a favourite spot for every adventurous soul. Biking makes it even more thrilling and exciting. Bikers from all over the world often go biking to this beautiful scenic place of Indian Himalayas. But the road to Ladakh is not fair. A lack of preparation can turn your trip into a trouble.

The ride that seems thrilling at first sight is quite challenging. If you are a biker planning to tour Leh Ladakh, here are some tips for you. A good pre-planning will make your expedition perfect and memorable.

How to Make your Bike Ready for Lekh Ladkh?

Before you move on your bike to one of the most adventurous trips to Ladakh, it is important to prepare your bike. A proper evaluation of your bike will help you to ride safely throughout.

Check your bike for following and make it all ready for the trip.

Get Service for your Bike

This is the first and foremost thing you should do before going to tour with your motorcycle. Get your bike scrutinized and serviced from a good garage. Do not ignore even the minor problems and get it completely ready. If any minor part is requiring repair and replacement, get it done without fail.

Learn Yourself

It would be difficult to get mechanical help in the wilderness of Ladakh. Hence learn to fix some minor repairs by yourself. In the case of any minor issue, you can repair it by yourself and move uninterrupted. Hence if possible learn to repair from the mechanic. You can learn small chores like replacement of bulbs, punctures, repairing chain, clutch etc.Also, check race and air settings of your motorbike.

Evaluating Bike

If you are a good biker, do check your bike yourself. Evaluating your bike for all the following parts is very important to prepare your bike for Leh Ladakh tour.

  • Clutch Plates – Make sure the clutch plates are in proper condition. You might face problem in biking on the steep and uneven roads. If needed replace the clutch plates.
  • Drive Chain & Sprockets – If the chain drive chain and sprockets are worn out, change them or lubricate them after cleaning properly.
  • Piston Rings and Valves – Check the piston rings as well valves for wear and tear and replacement if needed.
  • Timing Chain – A loose and time-worn timing chain may result in the low performance of your bike.
  • Spark Plugs and Accelerator Wires – Get new spark plugs if they have crossed or about to cross 10000 km. Same with accelerator wires.
  • Suspension – As you will be riding on the hilly terrains, check and repair or replace both the suspensions.
  • Battery – Check the battery and all the electrical wiring including bulbs if they are giving proper functions. If you are bike is not a kick start, this is a very important factor to confirm.

Also check swing arm bush, brakes, and filters. If you feel they are loose or in a heavily worn out condition, replace them. You can change the engine oil if it is above or near to 500 km.

Necessary Tools to Carry

In the case of any issue, you would require some tools to repair your bike. Hence carry a toolkit in your luggage. Include tools like screw driver sets, spanners, clutch wire and accelerator wire with outer, tapes, gear oil, coolant, brake light bulbs, lever, fuse etc. This will prove very helpful during your journey to avoid getting stuck for minor issues in the bike.

No one knows your bike better than you. If your motorcycle has a history of troubling in a certain way, remain prepared for it. Carry necessary spare parts and tools to fix this usual problem that your bike is most likely to give.

Which Bike is Best for Leh Ladakh Trip?

  1. Royal Enfield & Royal Enfield Himalayan
  2. Harley Davidson
  3. Bajaj Pulsar
  4. Honda CBR 250
  5. Hero Impulse
  6. Yamaha FZ and Fazer
  7. KTM Duke

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Buzz9studio wishes all the bikers a safe and thrilling journey to the adventurous roads of Leh Ladakh. We will be updating tips from time to time to help you travel carefully and with complete safety.


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