How to Do First Honeymoon More Romantic?

Romantic Things to Do in First Honeymoon: Wedding brings in loads of drama, tragedy as well as comedy. However, even before you witness all these emotions, it is better to experience some fantasy elements. Each and every couple needs to get a taste of the good aspects of marriage during their first honeymoon. In case you are still not sure about the fantasy element, then below are a few things which would help you. Have a look and try them out.

Best 10 Romantic Things to Do in Your First Honeymoon

1. Watch the sunrise together

It may sound too conventional and boring, but it can be fun too. You should try to get up while its dawn so that you can catch the glimpse of sunrise. Watching the sunrise together brings the sense of a new beginning and fresh start for the couples.

2. Order food

This is also a very good way of finding out about the intricate detailing about your spouse’s culinary choices. Order breakfast for your partner or lunch. Especially those who’ve got an arrange marriage should definitely try this as it would help you in knowing about the taste of your partner.

3. Make Room for Fine Dining

Get classy and elaborate. Order elements of fine dining such as a bottle of some expensive champagne or wine, lobster or caviar or anything exotic. For making an evening romantic, you may play beautiful tracks. The ambiance would definitely bring you both in a romantic mood.

4. Do some Silly Things Together

It’s your honeymoon, and thus you have to be conscious and serious about intimacy. You may think of some romantic games.

5. Forbidden love

Since you are away from home, in the arms of your special someone, you should try to make the most of it. Try the things which you can’t try at home. Talk about the fantasies you both have.

6. Find Some Alone Time

Marriage definitely does not signify that you need to be together always. Just being with each other while doing something, also helps couples in defining their space.

7. Relax together with the couples’ spa

Honeymoon is everything about relaxing. All the sightseeing may be compensated by a relaxing spa session. So, just indulge in a refreshing and relaxing mind and body therapy.

8. Capture Some Candid Moments

It would be fun to click candid pictures of each other. Click your partner’s pictures while he or she is eating, sleeping, etc.

9. Time for some adventures

You should indulge in activities which would generate an adrenaline rush in you. In case you have some fear, try doing them away with your partner.

10. Enjoy intimacy

It is Only for who Searching “How to Do First Honeymoon” – This will help in breaking all kinds of barriers in the relationship. It would also help in making you cautious of each other’s level of comfort. So no matter how tired you are do find time for some intimacy.

So these are some interesting things which the newly married couples can try on their honeymoon. They will help in bringing them closer and making the bond stronger. Try them to realize them.

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