How to Choose Best Hotel ? Whenever you plan a holiday or a trip, the most important thing which you should decide is the place you will be staying at. Definitely price would be major determining factor as the rates of hotels have to suit your budget. Still, while choosing a hotel, this is not the sole issue which you have to look at.

Top 10 Tips to Choose Best Hotel


This is quite an important factor while choosing a hotel. In case it is for business then you will have to be located in a place which is well connected with rest of the city. In case you want to go for sightseeing, then you should look for a hotel which is centrally located.


In case you are travelling by your own car, then you will need a place for paring your vehicle. Thus, you should make sure that the hotel you book has ample parking space.

Extra fee

While selecting a hotel, you will also have to decide what all amenities will be required. You should find out if they will be included in the hotel rate or if they would be charged separately.

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The stars rating is also a very good way of knowing about the category of the hotel. More the number of stars better would be the quality of the facilities it offers. This is a very good way of comparing the hotels and for determining if you’re looking for something which is more luxurious and economical.

On-site Facilities

On the basis of what exactly you are looking for, you should check the onsite location facilities of the hotel. You might want to have a restaurant or a pool, or other facilities like golf course, spa, etc.

Complimentary Breakfast

This can also be an important factor when it comes to choosing a hotel. Buying breakfast for your whole family can add up to the cost. If your hotel does not provide you’re with complimentary breakfast, then you can request for a microwave or a refrigerator in your room so that you can at least prepare your own breakfast.

Family Friendliness

In case you are travelling with kids, you would like to ensure that you choose a place which would have proper facilities for them. You should research about the basics the hotel offers like a pool, cribs, recreation area, refrigerator in the room, etc. You should also check about the extra things every hotel is offering. Some of the hotels offer discounted meals for kids, on-site babysitting, etc.

Pet Friendliness

Likewise, if you are going to travel with your dog, then you will have to choose best hotel which is pet friendly also. The hotel should first accept pets, but you will also have to check if there is any extra fee for cleaning and also if they have a dog run.

So these are some of the most important things which you need to check while booking any hotel.


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