Gir National Park is home to a pure Asiatic lion. Get Detail Information for Best Time to Visit Gir National Park, Information, Entry Fees, Location and Where to Stay.

When Gir National Park Best Time to Visit?

Gir National Park is closed from 16th June to 15th October every year. This is the period when the south-west monsoon arrives. December-March literally is the Best Time to V isit Gir National Park. Even though April, May are quite hot but they are considered to be the best months for viewing wildlife and photography. Gir Holiday Tour is for people who enjoy forests, wildlife and has an interest in different species of exotic flora and fauna of Gir Forest.

In Short Best Time to Visit Gir Forest

  • Summer (March – June)
  • Winter (November – February)

Best Time to Visit Gir – Gir National Park Information

Gir National Park Location: Sasan Gir, Junagadh, Gujarat – 362135

Gir National Park Best Time to Visit:
  • Best time to visit gir is Monday to Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM by Gujarat Forest.

Gir National Park Entry Fees – Gypsy Safari Charges:

Days Particulars Indian (In Rs.) Foreigner (In Rs.)
Normal Day Up To 6 persons 800 5600
Normal Day Extra Child 100 1400
Saturday-Sunday/ Festival Days Up To 6 persons 1000 7000
Saturday-Sunday/ Festival Days Extra Child 125 1750

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How to Reach Gir Forest?

The park is located at a distance of about 55 km from Junagadh and about 40 km from the Veraval railhead. Sasan Gir is very well connected with Ahmedabad both by rail and by road network. However, best way of reaching Gir from Ahmedabad is to take the road route that takes approximately 7 hours’ time. The nearest airport is Rajkot airport.

Road Distances from various Cities
  • From Ahmedabad – 410 km
  • From Rajkot – 160 km
  • From Junagadh – 55 km
  • From Veraval – 45 km
  • From Somnath – 50 km

Places to stay in Gir Forest

There are a large number of options when it comes to staying in Gir. There are so many options for a laid back stay in the reserve.

Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Gir Forest

  • Saavaj Resort in Gir
  • Gir Jungle Lodge
  • Maneland Jungle Lodge
  • Vanvaso Resort
  • Fern Gir Forest Resort
  • Sukhsagar Gir Resort
  • Anil Farm House
  • Amidhara Resort
  • Gir Birding Lodge
  • Hotel Umang in Gir
  • Gir Lion’s Paw Resort
  • The Gateway Hotel

Initially, the Gir National Park was totally dedicated to conserving Asiatic Lions as this has been identified as an endangered species. A lot of hunters as well as researchers from different parts of the globe visit the park as it’s the only place to see lion apart from Africa. It has evolved to be a stable ecosystem because of its richness in biodiversity having 606 species of plant, 2000 insect species and 36 mammals’ species and more than 300 birds’ species.

The dry deciduous forests of Gir cover a huge tract that plays an important role in maintaining a moderate climate in the region. Thus, Gir is important for life of the people Gujarat.

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