Best Place near Sasan Gir

The Gir Forest or National Park in Talala, Gujarat is popularly known as Sasan Gir. It is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. The Gir forest is the home of the Asiatic lions and one of the most secure places for Lions in Asia.

Sasan Gir has numerous tourist attractions for wildlife lovers. The region is not only populated by wild animals but also wild herbs.

Top Must Visit Tourist Places near Sasan Gir

There are various tourist attractions in Gir including Nal Sarovar, Tulsi Shyam, Mallinath Temple, and others. We have listed here the Top 5 must-visit places in Sasan Gir.

1. Somnath Temple

The distance between Somnath Temple and Sasan Gir is forty-one kilometers. Somnath temple is one of the most respected places for Hindus. It has a great devotional and religious significance. The temple is in Veraval district in Prabhas Patan. It is known as the first of the 12 jyotirlinga of Shiva in the country. The temple also has historic significance as it was attracted and destroyed by the foreign rulers several times. The temple was later on reconstructed.

2. Kankai Banej

Kankai is in the middle of Gir Jungle. It is Hindu’s divine place. “Shri Kankeshwari Mataji” is the main temple here. The temple “Shri Kankai Mataji” is just on the banks of the Shingavada River. Thousands of devotees pay a visit to the temple.

3. Jamjir Waterfall Gir

A Jamjir waterfall is in village Jamvala of Junagadh district in Gujarat. The nearest big town is Kodinar. The waterfalls are the largest falls in Gujarat.  The height of the waterfall

is about thirty to forty ft. Jamjir waterfalls are also well- known as Zamzeer waterfalls. The waterfall is unsafe for swimming and water fun. The level of the water drastically down at two particular levels. The force of the water underneath these two levels is too.

4. Devalia National Park

Devalia National Park is an engraved region of Gir national park. It means the Devalia National park is a part of Gir National park.  The tourists get the special freedom of catching glimpses of wild animals. During the lion shows you can see the lions walking freely.

The park is away from the surrounding area of the Sasan Gir village is about twelve kilometers. There are also accommodation facilities available. The tourists find the choice of hotels according to their budget.

5. Tulsishyam

Tulsishyam is famous for hot water springs. Tulsishyam Mandir is situated on the edge of the Junagadh and Amreli district in It connects two cities Una and Dhari. In Puranas, it named as “Taptodak”. The temple is considered to be 700 yrs old.

The temple is named after Lord Krishna and the demon named Tul who was killed by the Lord. The Lord Tulsishyam’s statue made of black stones is known to be three thousand years old.

Other famous tourist attractions of Sasan Gir also include Uperkot Fort, Kamleshwar Dam, Junagadh Zoo, and Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. You might also find the best tourist places to visit in India.


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