Social Media Marketing Tools – Digital marketers are having one of the busiest time as businesses today are understanding the need of internet marketing. Online promotion is a need of every small start-up, medium sized businesses, and as well larger enterprises. If you are an internet marketer finding ways to engage visitors for your client, you can make a whole lot of difference with these tools.

Top Social Media Marketing Tools Available Free of Cost

Well, online marketing is a vast subject and carries variety of tools and techniques. Hence not all tools are same. Some are focused on analytics, while some are just meant to engage your audience in effective way. We listed here some of the best social media marketing tools for a digital marketer from every category.

Best Social Media Analytic Tools

  1. Brand24

Brand24 is an analytic tool with a web-based dashboard. The tool shows precise analytics with real-time insights and in-depth statistics of your audiences in relation to the contents. The tool is available free of cost for 14 day trial subscription. The minimum package costs US D 49 after completion of the free trial period.

  1. Cyfe

Cyfe is yet another ultimate social media analytic tool that allows free sign up and free tracking of different social media network statistics. It offers numerous pre-built widgets to keep a check on your accounts and pages. You can have higher level of features and functionalities with paid account that costs USD 19 per month. Annual subscription costs USD 14 per month for higher level of experience.

  1. Twitter Analytics Report Card

This is a powerful tool to check your Twitter performance and to compare it with competitors. Within few seconds, you can know your strength on Twitter in terms of number of audience, quality of posts, and publishing, and user engagement.

  1. Keyhole

The tool Keyhole looks for the keywords, URLs, and hashtags for metrics. It displays all the top popular sites, demographic data, location-wise analytic data, and keywords. The tool has free version as well paid versions with higher features.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools

  1. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is an excellent tool to monitor your social media engagement specifically on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. You can get idea of the time you are spending on the pages with weekly or daily reports.

  1. Spruce

Images are great way to boost your content. The same concept is used by Spruce. You can just type your content or text and select from a huge store of images or use your own to post it on Facebook or Twitter. The tool is entirely free of cost.

  1. Tagboard

Tagboard is a wonderful tool leveraging the power of hashtags. Hashtags serve as keywords in social media platforms. Tagboard makes it easy for you to know them across multiple social media networks in few seconds. By searching a particular hashtag, Tagboard will show you pages and all the profiles related to the hashtag. This helps you identify your potential customers who are highly active on the media.

  1. Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet tool gives a link and enable the readers to tweet right form your content. This indeed boosts higher engagement. The tool also provides analytics.

Best Social Media Management Tools

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a simple and easy to use tool to track the performance of your posts. It also allow you to manage your multiple accounts from one place. You can signup for free at buffer.com. While you can manage 3 accounts for free, managing 10 accounts costs you US$ 10. Further price range from 400 US% for managing up to 150 accounts.

  1. BuzzBundle

Buzzbundle allows you to publish comments, posts, and reply throughout different media channels from a single dashboard. Different people can use it from different divisions. You can have a free as well paid account on Buzzbundle.com.

  1. Facebook Timeline Contest Manager

Facebook is a popular place for the businesses and it is difficult to engage audience. This tool allows you to organize contest on your facebook page to attract your audience. You can conduct a quiz, free giveaways, discounts, and sweepstakes.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout social lets you schedule and publish contents to multiple social media platforms. You can custom your reports of all the different networks. The tool allows free use for 30 days trial period. The minimum package is available for US$ 59 per month.

Best Social Media Listening Tools

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a powerful free of cost tool for knowing the sites that are delivering conversions and traffic. It notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned on any site.

  1. Social Mention

Social mention is a free tool to track and analyse how audiences are reviewing you. You can gather all information regarding what opinion people have about your product or page from different social media at one landscape.

Best Influence Measurement Tools

  1. Klout

Klout measures influence through scoring system by engagement on Twitter. You can limit your search on particular topics.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo provides analytics of the contents posted by you. You can identify the highly popular contents in your niche and also know the sharer. You can use this tool for free during 14 days trial period.

  1. Followerwonk

Followerwonk tool is focussed on providing analytics of Twitter. You can search the number of followers, and location of the followers. You can also compare your statistics with the competitors.

Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketer

  1. Storify

Storify lets you select contents form the various social media feeds. You can select and drop and drag the images, videos, and tweets to embed them on your website.

  1. Clear voice

Clear Voice is a powerful content marketing tool for managing and posting contents on social media. It also offers a place to connect with freelance writers. You can do many more things like planning and setting deadlines about content posting and publishing.

  1. Headline Analyzer

It is a known fact that good headlines attract more audience. Headline Analyzer helps you write catchy and creative headlines for your niche or content. The tool analyses your headline and suggests if you need to make it better.

While we have listed the top free social media marketing tools as per our say, there are hundreds of other tools available. You can select and use them as per your need and preference.


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