Slow Motion Video Apps for Android – Evolution of the android completely changed the human life. The smartphone h as been enough to eliminate a lot of other gadgets from the list of an average person by supporting a range of features. It’s able to do every single thing in a smart way. If you’re Photo enthusiast, you should not miss this article because today I’m going to show you slow motion creating apps

for the Android device. Let’s start.

List of 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

1. Slow Motion Video

Slow motion free is used as a slow motion video viewer as well as recorder. and slow motion video Apps Download free. You can choose an existing video or create a new video. The speed of recording can also be control of the user as slow or fast. It is freely available on Google play store to download. Additionally, It has a Pro form with frame rate bar sensitivity option, limitless recording time, ability to choose between internal or external storage and no promotions.

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2. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop has a complete editing tool required to make a video including slow or fast motion using a horizontal slider. It is ad-supported and offers tons of editing features. Slow Motion Video App offering Video Editor. One advantage of this app is that it allows users to edit the videos in real time. Some of the interesting editing features are annotations, sound effects, Trim, merge, resize, reverse and adjust the display, etc.

You can diminish rate to 0.1x and expand it to 4x and when you are done simply tap on “Done” and the video will be altered. You can likewise share the video on online networking systems Facebook, Whatsapp, and so forth right from the application.

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 3. Controlled Capture Lite

Controlled Capture application allows you to capture time lapse sequenced pictures automatically and slow motion videos. It has two modes:Image Capture Mode and Video Capture Mode. You can record videos and apply the effects to them later or you can capture pictures for time-lapse. It’s a free app supported by ads and the Pro version has no Ads and has all the features enabled to allow you to make the most of your built-in camera on your Android device.  All you need to do is set the time length and it will start recording.

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4. Hudl Technique

Hudl technique is also known as Uber Sense is an app specially designed for people interested in sports and athletes. It only offers slow motion feature and you can easily slow the speed in real-time. The app is helpful to sports people to slow down a video and see how an athlete is performing a particular sport. You can record HD videos or import an already recorded video from your phone or cloud storage account and can view them frame to frame, even zooming in when required.

You can also create teams right inside the app for training and manage videos according to Techniques and athlete filters.

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5. KM Player (Play, HD, Video)

KM Player, the well-known PC video player’s Android version also has the option to play the videos in Slow motion. It allows you to decrease speed to 0.1x and increase it up to 4x. Like MX Player, it remembers where you left the video, and continues exactly from that place. It also supports a variety of formats. It is capable enough to give the maximum output possible.

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If you are looking for free slow Motion Video apps for your android phone then your search ends here!


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