Benefits of Electric Cars – A battery-run electric car has propelled an air of renaissance in vehicle manufacturing. With advancement in batteries and growing concern over fuel prices, electric cars are here. Popularly known as EVs, these plug-in cars are quite eco-friendly. They are also fun for the drivers.

However, the debate is been going on over the conventional cars versus EV cars. Before you determine your take, check the clear advantages of electric cars. These electric vehicles can be charged at the charging stations. It is as simple as you charge your smartphones and keep a battery backup.

List of Top 7 Advantages of Electric Cars

When it comes to transportation, it is difficult to beat age-old established sources. However, many countries have recognized benefits of the electric cars. Here are the top benefits of the electric cars.

1. Fuel Saving

Electric cars are run on battery and do not require gas or petrol. Traditional vehicles take a big toll on the environment due to heavy consumption of fuel. Though EVs consume electricity, the cost is much cheaper.

2. Eco-Friendly – Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars offer the biggest benefit in the terms of environment. There is no harmful emission and smoke. It helps in keeping the atmosphere cleaner and greener. We can get rid of harmful smog conditions.

3. Cost Effective

Compared to fuel based cars, EV cars are very cheap. The cost of charging batteries is very small against the petrol or gas prices. Both government and individuals save lots of money with electric vehicles.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

Electric cars are not only cheaper in terms of fuel but also in terms of maintenance. There is no need of lubricating the engines. No other maintenance of engine is required. Hence the cost and hassles of servicing the vehicle are very less.

5. Less Noisy

We have already seen how beneficial EVs are to curb the air pollution. These cars are run on electric motors. Hence they give smooth noiseless drive.

6. Equally Safe

Many have qualms about the safety of the electric cars. In fact, you can drive as safely as you do with traditional cars. The electric cars are passed through testing procedures. There is an option of stopping the electric supply in the case of an accident. Top automakers are continuously researching on making it extremely safe and compatible.

7. Health Benefits of Electric Cars

As it is with atmosphere, so with us. The reduction of harmful emissions is also good for human health. A better quality of environment will have an overall positive impact on our health and fitness. Coffee with India is also sharing wonderful health and fitness tips.

The Top Countries with Electric Cars

  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. UK
  6. Germany
  7. Sweden
  8. France
  9. Norway
  10. Netherlands. Many other countries are in their initial stage of adopting them.

The owners of the electric cars report a huge amount of savings

Looking at the current scenario, we will see a bigger market for the electric cars. Slowly but steadily, many will be switching to electric cars soon. The leading automakers like Nissan, GM, Tesla, and others are also gearing up for bringing powerful electric cars to the roads.

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