Top 10 Astrologers in India – 2022


In India, people believe a lot in astrology. And why not? When it gives you logical reasoning and most of astrology predictions have come true, then it is absolutely fine to rely on it. In this blog, we bring you a list of popular astrologers in India 2022 and a brief detail about them.

Top & Famous Astrologers in India

#1. AstroVed

Close to about 20 years, Vijay lakshmi Krishnan has been assisting many a client deal with their varied problems with the aid of Vedic Astrology and has worked for 15 years as AstroVed’s astrologer. Blessed with the divine gift of visions through her prayers added with her years of experience in the various field of numerology, astrology, karmic astrology, electional astrology, medical astrology, KP and gemmology and renowned for her ability in identifying karma blocking progresses or cures causing obstacles in one’s life. Vijaylakshmiis an expert in interpreting planetary placements and is considered one of the best astrologers in India.

  • Phone: +91-9677391108
  • Email:
  • Address: SP-75, Sidco Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai 600 058
  • Website:

#2. Anil Bhargavji

A top astrologer in India, Anil Bhargavji has been well praised for his accurate predictions and very effective astrological remedies he prescribes for his clients in dealing with their concerns. A learned jyotishi, Anil Bhargavji is an expert in the art of astrology, palmistry, numerology, gemmology and matching horoscope. Well respected for being very attentive and listening to the concerns of his clients.

  • Phone: +91-9979422221
  • Email:
  • Address: Surat, India
  • Website:

#3. Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma is considered a prodigy in the art of astrology. His father was an accomplished astrologer as well, who in his lifetime had helped many troubled souls find peace in their lives. Now considered one in the top 10 astrologer in India, Ankit Sharma is also a well respected love problem specialist with many flocking to him for solutions regarding their love and marital problems.

  • Phone: +91-9815418307
  • Email:
  • Address: House No.335, Phase 3A, Mohali-160059
  • Website:

#4. Swetta Jumaani

Daughter of the famous Jumaani family, Swetta had astrology running in her blood. Thus it made sense when she portray the same kind of aptitude for it since her childhood. However it was only after her marriage that she took a serious consideration at the occupation and has not looked back ever since. Since 6th July 2003, Swetta Jumaani has helped many clients resolve their problems with their love lives, family relationship, financial problems etc. owing to her natural talent in the field of astrology; Swetta is now one of the best astrologer in India especially in the field of numerology.

  • Phone: +91-9834885132
  • Email:
  • Address: 6, Block A, Hermes Drome, Near Kailash Super Market, Vimannagar, Pune 411014
  • Website:

#5. Bansilal M Jumaani

A famed numerologist, Bansilal’s relationship with astrology is one laden with history. Born in Karachi now in modern day Pakistan. His family moved to Bombay when the partition of India took place. It was then he discovered his talent as a numerologist and after spending years dabbling in it as a hobby. He delved into its depths completely, spending years researching, reading scriptures and perfecting his techniques to become one of India’s finest numerologist.

  • Phone: +91-9870052645
  • Email:
  • Address: 402, United Heights,Opp Hico Industries, Mogal Lane, Shitladevi Temple Rd, Mahim, Mumbai- 400 016
  • Website:

#6. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

A famous astrologer in India, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma comes from a long line of Astrologers who once provided prediction for the state and its erstwhile rulers. Initially wanting to be an engineer, Dr. Prem soon found his calling in the field of astrology and his ardent interest and research earned him a Ph.D in 1997. A feat very few astrologers has achieved. Renowned for his accuracies in predictions, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma has aided many people over the course of his career with problems and has helped them resolve them in a scientific and wholesome manner.

  • Phone: +91-9216141456
  • Email:
  • Address: 1456, Sector – 4, Panchkula (Haryana) – 134112
  • Website:

#7. K. N. Rao

A man of many talents, K.N Rao is a legend amongst astrologers and has been a common name in every top 10 astrologer in India list. He was instrumental in starting courses on Vedic Astrology in the prestigious Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in New Delhi and himself has written several research papers and books to further the field of astrology. Renowned globally, K.N Rao has had a long and illustrious career as an expert in the field of astrology and holds many secrets of the art passed down to him by various gurus and jyotish over the course of his career.

  • Phone: +91-8978953237,
  • Email:
  • Address: Flat No G-110 , 1st floor, Aparna Kanopy Apartments, Gundlapochampally, Medchal, Secunderabad 501401
  • Website:

#8. Astro Bhambi

Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a well-known face on television and has authored several books. Often sought as a consultant by famous actors, sports persons, Film and TV directors, artists and musicians, politicians etc. he is widely respected for his ability to connect with people on a spiritual, philosophical and personal level. This commitment has earned him several loyal clients over the years. A brilliant guru in the art of astrology, his motive and mission at equipping people with the knowledge to overcome their troubles has helped many people resolve even the most difficult of life’s problems.

  • Phone: +9111-26175070
  • Email:
  • Address: 701, Ansal Chamber-II, 6 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066
  • Website:

#9. Dr. Sohini Sastri

For the initiated the name Dr. Sohini Sastri is common occurrence when one talks of the top astrologer in India. Dubbed as the best astrologer by several media houses like the Times OfIndia, Business Standard, Hindustan, Amar Ujala etc. Dr Sohini Sastri is a famed astrologer with several accolades to her name.

  • Phone: +91-9038136660
  • Address: 152, S P Mukherjee Road, Abhishek Point, Kolkata, 700026
  • Website:

#10. Mahadev Joshi

Mahadev Joshi is among the best astrologer in Ahmedabad and karmakandi pandit with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He offers Hindu puja services, Vedic rituals, religious ceremonies, and astrology services through his company Be-Live Astrology. With an MBA degree and a team of experienced professionals, Mahadev Joshi provides reliable services to clients all over the world.

  • Phone: +91 8154992727
  • Email:
  • Website:

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