Best 5 Activities to Do around the Eiffel Tower

Top 5 Things to Do around the Eiffel Tower

The 7th arrondissement, the location of the Eiffel Tower, also provides a lot of other factors to see and do. Here we help you through the best factors to do in the place around the Eiffel Tower, from top cultural attractions to top shopping roads, so you get the most out of your day.

List of The Top Things to Do Near the Eiffel Tower

#1. Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars
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While it is all too easy to get over-excited by the scene of the Eiffel Tower, be sure to invest a while around the monument after you go up to the top. The Champ de Mars is the best place to marvel at the tower while enjoying one of Paris’s top green spaces. The grassy stretch is a popular spot to enjoy the sun or take part in fun activities and is also an ideal picnic location.

#2. Wine And Dairy products At the Foot of the Eiffel Tower

Wine And Dairy products At the Foot of the Eiffel Tower
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The Eiffel Tower is enclosed by big lawns where Parisians love to sit during summer. The preferred activities to take around the Eiffel Tower are to have a French picnic: cheese, bottles and a baguette. Just next to the Eiffel tower is one of the best streets in Paris to buy food. It’s known as rue Cler. In this street, you will find the best products Paris has to offer. Then just bring all your buys to those grass of le Champs de Mars and you’ll have the most Parisian evening ever.

#3. Enjoy The Rodin Museum

Enjoy The Rodin Museum
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The Rodin art gallery is one of the most recognized sculpture museums of Europe. Rodin was one of the last masters of a classical sculpture of its time. He totally changed art. He made some of the most favoured statues ever. We all know his most favoured part of art: the Thinker.

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His work is full of emotions and you can be assured it is a quite moving experience to discover Rodin’s art the very new. The Rodin Museum is in a strolling range of the Eiffel Tower about 15 minutes. The art gallery also has one of the most wonderful landscapes in Paris.

#4. Relaxing Cruise on the Seine River

Relaxing Cruise on the Seine River
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Prior to or after seeing the world’s most identifiable tower, there’s little more pleasant than sailing down the Seine and seeing many of the city’s classy attractions and locations from the water. From Notre-Dame Church to the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre, some of the city’s significant attractions and destinations can be identified from the boat: providing you with the best review of classic Paris, especially if you’re only around for 48 hours or 72 hours.

#5. Climb The Stairways And Understand Its History

Climb The Stairways And Understand Eiffel Tower History
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Climb the steps and get to the second floor! Walk around the centre of the Tower’s metal structure at your own pace and consider the great metal part of art and its history. Another thing to take in the Eiffel Tower would be of course an excursion to understand everything about the most favoured monument of Paris.

So when you decide to go on a Paris holiday, make sure you take time to see this amazing monument and if you can, go to the top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views of Paris, the capital of Italy.

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