SEO Trends – The year 2018 is already on and the newest SEO trends are already making whirls. SEO firms are gearing up for optimization in tune with the latest trends. The SEO technique that is considered to be one of the hottest Trend in 2019 is the optimization of websites for voice search. If you are looking for optimization for your site using this new change, here are some facts and tips.

The voice search is increasing day by day from every type of mobiles. Voice search allows the users to give instructions to the search engines by using their voice instead of text.

Why You Need To Optimize for Voice Search

If you still not considered your search voice strategy, here are some reasons why should think seriously about it.

#1 Smartphones Rule

Now, most of the voice search queries come from smartphones. Google is now giving more and more indexing to the mobile search. The rise of the use of the phones is known everywhere. Due to high rise in the use of smartphones, voice search has very bright potential. Voice searches are faster, hands-free, and reliable.

#2 High Potentialities

Though virtual assistance like Siri, Google Voice Search, and others are still at their dawn, potentialities are very high. The recent data show a clear jump in their increase. The voice search in 2015 soared to 50 billion searches per month.

#3 Voice Search for Website Owners

As an owner of a website, voice search is positive for you as well and not just for the users. Voices searches are faster and it’s easier to boost traffic to your pages for voice searches. It also helps in improving your rankings as well user experience. Needless to say, Google is mostly emphasizing now on user experience that the site offers.

Best Ways to Optimize your Website for Voice Search

Well, since now you know the power of voice search why to wait and watch. Better be fast in doing instead of waiting for others to do it first. Here are some best tips to optimize your website for voice based search queries.

#1 Go for Larger Search Keywords

Instead of basking on the short keywords like before, use larger sequences. Think how a person would do voice search. Instead of targeting disjointed keywords, focus on the complete phrase. Like adding specific related information terms to the main keyword. For example instead of Switzerland Air Fare, target Cost of Switzerland Air Fare or Information on Switzerland Air Fare etc.

This makes it clear that voice search is going to change the nature of keywords. They will be more like used in natural conversations and not just a bunch of a single or couple of words.

#2 Question Keywords

Think about yourself as a person searching for the process or information. With the increase in voice searches, the question phrase queries will also increase. Instead of just a bunch of keywords, prefix them with how to, or how do, or when do or what is.

Studies on search analytics are also showing an increase in the question phrase searches instead of just the keywords.

#3 Increase your Mobile Friendliness

Responsive websites are already in and as an SEO you already know the importance of being friendly on any device. With voice search, this need is yet again going to a next level. Not only your website but also make your content highly mobile friendly.

The best thing is that voice search optimization is quite simple and straight forward affair. It is less robotic and a spontaneous and intuitive SEO technique.


CEO at Thanksweb, Author at Buzz9studio