Tata Neu: All you need to know about Tata super app


If you’re a Tata fan, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Tata Neu. It’s the new super app from Tata, and it promises to make your life easier in a whole bunch of ways. But what is Tata Neu, exactly? And what can you do with it? In this post, we’ll answer those questions and more. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Tata Neu!

Tata Neu Launched in India

The Tata Group’s super application, which seeks to offer users a host of digital services that the conglomerate offers and goes live along with an IPL match between Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) & Delhi Capitals at 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 07!. With the new Tata Neu app, you can now order your favorite medicine from 1mg and book flight tickets for an upcoming vacation. You’ll also have access to Westside clothing stores as well as Croma electronics!

Tata Neu is a platform that not only combines all of our brands into one app but also brings together both old and new ideas with technology. This has been done in order to offer consumers an innovative experience where they can discover more about the wonderful world offered by Tata.

Tata Pay

Tata Pay is a new service that allows you to send or receive money using the Tata Neu app. The process is really simple: just link your bank account with the app and you’re good to go! You can also use Tata Pay to pay for things like your mobile phone bill or your electricity bill.

To use Tata Pay, simply open up the Tata Neu app and click on the “Tata Pay” icon. Then, follow the instructions on-screen to link your bank account and start sending or receiving money!

The app is only available to employees of the Tata Group, but it promises “super rewards” and offers access for customers who want one-stop shopping.

Tata Neu App Download Link: Android & Apple

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