Privacy Policy respects your privacy when you visit and use the website. Users are allowed to browse our website without requiring to submit any personal data mandatory. If any personal data like name, email id, and address is submitted by the user on our website with his/her own free will, we do not intend to sell it or disclose it to other parties.

Some information will be automatically collected by when the user access this website. It may contain information like IP address and system settings. However, it will not be personally identifiable.

Whatever personal data we collect is voluntarily given by the users and not automatically collected by the website.

Advertising & Analytics

The website owners will be allowing third parties to advertise their products or services and links on our website. We do not and are not liable to review or supervise any advertise and third party links present on the website due to affiliations for third party advertising. If the user gets engaged with any third party product or service from our website, it will be at his/her own risk.

We may also use analytics services on our site for statistics purpose and to learn the traffic patterns. However, this information will not be of personal nature. It will not contain any type of personally identifying data of the users of this website.

We are not responsible for the collection of the data and privacy policy by the third party advertisers and other affiliates present on our website. Users are requested to refer to their privacy policies for more information.

If any third party advertiser or affiliate site on our website is using cookies or beacons, we will not be responsible for the same. While buzz9studio will not use any collected data for inappropriate use, we do not guarantee the same for the third party advertisers, affiliate sites, and third party links present on our website.

We are also not responsible for the data given voluntarily by the users to our third party advertisers and analytic partners.

Policy for Minors is equally concerned about the privacy and safety of the minors or individuals aged under 18. No portion and information of our website is attracting children and if we find any personal information of anyone below 18, we remove it immediately as soon as it comes to our notice.

However, due to the nature of the internet, it is not possible to track details of our users. We recommend parents, guardians, and elders to supervise their children if they are using our website.

However, will release account information of any individual if it is required by the law of the land.

The information collected by cookies is solely used for understanding user activity on our website and not for any other purpose.

We hold all rights to change or modify and revise the privacy policy as per our will without any prior notice to the users. Users are requested to refer to our privacy policies and terms of use.

In the case of any objection and query with regard to our terms, policies, and other matters, users are requested to send us an email.