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What is a Triple EMA Trading Strategy?


Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

The triple EMA trading strategy is a powerful instrument that may be used in a simple, monolithic manner to chase the trend in a long-term context and in a complicated trading scheme to trade shorter-term moves. 

Because of its propensity for smoothing out short-term distortions, it will be challenging to employ in a ranging market, where short-term variations inside the bounds of the range pattern provide the best trading chances. 

The easier it is to use a triple EMA trading strategy, the longer the trend lasts. This is because we may ignore periods of volatility in a longer-term trend, and the indicator’s indications are easier to use. 

You can use it in conjunction with other oscillators to leverage moments of sharp oscillations as trading entry/exit points, and you can also utilize additional tools to evaluate volatility individually. Some traders prefer a combination of the MACD and this indicator (which replaces the regular EMAs used for price smoothing).

TEMA Indicator (Triple Exponential Moving Average)

The TEMA is a trend indicator that can be used to determine trend direction and signal probable short-term trend shifts or pullbacks. It acts as a source of support or opposition. The TEMA and the double exponential moving average are similar (DEMA).

What is the Triple Exponential Moving Average Formula?

TEMA= 3*ema-3*ema(ema)+ema(ema(ema)))

The TEMA is faster than a typical MA or EMA in reacting to price fluctuations. Knowing the Triple Exponential Moving Average formula has several benefits, especially if you are a trader. Some of the essential info is given in the upcoming section. 

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Triple Exponential Moving Average? (TEMA)

There are various advantages to using the Triple Exponential Moving Average in your trading approach. It is much easier to spot patterns with it, there is no lag, and it can be used in the same way as any other simple or exponential moving average.

The TEMA location concerning the asset’s price offers trend direction signals. If the price is over TEMA, it usually indicates that the price is growing for that period. In addition, because the TEMA can assist in determining trend direction, it can also assist in anticipating and spotting trend shifts. It may also act as price support or resistance.


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