Retail Store Shelving: What Comes First?


Are you determined to get your retail store up and running? While constructing a budget, bear in mind that everything must be accounted for – ranging from rent and utility payments to vendor remittances, not forgetting the fittings necessary for creating an inviting atmosphere. Once these expenses are considered, there will be nothing standing between you and the grand opening of your dream shop!

Where does retail shelving fit into your budget?

Are you allocating funds for shelving and fixtures as a key initial expense in your budget, or are you allotting them gradually based on what is available?

Do not overlook the importance of investing in retail shelving early on in your setup process. It may be tempting to wait and see what you’ll need or fit it into your plan later, but make sure to include at least some Retail gondola shelves from the beginning. You can always add more as time goes by, so don’t skimp now!

What types of retail shelving should you budget for first?

When it comes to selecting the right retail shelving for your store, what you choose will depend on the type of goods that you’re selling. However, if you want an easily adjustable and versatile option as a starting point, these pieces are perfect! You can quickly adjust them to create different displays with ease – ideal for any changing needs in your shop.

Gondola shelving

Gondola shelving is the most adaptable type of shelf and can do more than just store items. It’s an excellent tool to help you create a unique layout for your shop. All you need to do is buy sufficient gondola shelves, along with baskets, hooks, and Slatwall that will make it easier for customers to view merchandise in different ways!

Check out countertop wire baskets and racks

Increase your profits instantly by adding several fixtures to the checkout counters; wire baskets and racks loaded with magazines, gum, and other small items will do the trick. These are easy ways for customers to make impulse buys at the last minute which helps increase your overall sales quickly!

Tabletop display fixtures

Take full advantage of your store area by using tabletop display fixtures to boost sales and promote new products! Put the spotlight on bestselling staples, and intriguing seasonal products, or create compelling holiday displays. With a little creativity, you can maximize profits with these versatile and eye-catching options.

A few pointers

Start your store’s layout with a sufficient supply of gondola shelving and scale up or modify it as you expand.

Gondola shelving is a fantastic investment – you buy it once and can expect to never have to replace it for many years. Plus, if you want to keep up with expanding merchandise displays, adding just a couple of pieces each year should do the trick!

Outfit every checkout counter with tabletop and freestanding wire racks

Don’t let your “impulse buy” sales slip through the cracks – purchase a selection of retail shelving and fixtures, such as one freestanding fixture and tabletop display for each checkout counter. Having the proper equipment at hand will help you capture those desirable spur-of-the-moment transactions!

Don’t forget to put tabletop displays right next to checkout counters and at the store entrance, too

By placing tabletop displays near the entrance and checkout counter of your store, you can not only boost sales but also give customers what they are looking for. This strategy is a great way to increase profits and help ensure customer satisfaction.

As you start to assemble your store, these retail shelving and fixture tips will help get you going. As you continue on this journey and your business evolves, adding more items is easy – allowing for the expansion of merchandise that can be displayed in-store!

In conclusion, it’s paramount to have an organized retail store if you want customers in your store. When the physical space isn’t professionally arranged and optimized by design, the customer experience is diminished. Product selection and merchandise should be made available with access from both sides on shelving units that should also offer customers a clear look at what’s for sale so they can make informed decisions about their purchases. To ensure you’re up to date with all the retail gondola shelving options, don’t forget to check out Fermos. With our products, you will be sure to optimize your product layout and showcase your merchandise efficiently and attractively. Don’t miss out on the many advantages of properly organized shelves–put your trust in Fermos today!

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