Travel budget Tips – Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, or if you are travelling across the globe, you will definitely need a budget. In case you don’t plan to spend a particular amount, then you may find yourself falling short of money quickly. So create a budget for your travel for covering all the expected expenses.

Follow 10 Simple Travel Budget Tips for Your Next Holiday

Save the Money for the Trip Before Leaving

You can easily increase your budget for travelling by simply saving some money while you plan your trip. You can open a savings-account especially for the travel plan. You can also work over time or take up extra jobs for saving money and cut down the expenditures.

Budget for your transportation

you should keep aside a budget that you wish to spend for reaching the destination, reaching back home and for local transportation.

Rental Services

You should also include the projected rental cars, airfare, taxis, parking, gas, trains, other expenses related to your transportation.


You should try to get an idea of the airfares, the car fee, train tickets, etc. by discussing to your travel agent.

Consider the lodging expenses

This would comprise of the hotels, bed, breakfast, etc. at the places you visit.

Night Stay

Budget on per night basis for your trip when it is about lodging.

Hotel Charges

You may look for the hotel charges online on websites like Kayak, Expedia, Roomer, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc. This would help you in getting an estimate of the costs which would be incurred on your lodging. You should try to make your bookings in advance. A lot of places also offer early bird discounts as well as other discounts.

You should check the internet for such deals.

Budget for Food

when you travel, you also need to plan a budget separately for food. You should keep aside sufficient budget for food so that you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about anything. Especially if you are travelling with kids, you should make sure that you have worked out sufficient budget for food.

Budget for Entertainment

You also need to fix a travel budget for entertainment. Since you will be on a holiday you would definitely like to enjoy everything possible. Thus, you should plan your budget in such a way that you are able to shell out money for all fun and entertainment activities. You may cut down the budget for other activities and increase your budget for entertainment.

Budget for Contingencies

You never know what happens while you are travelling with your family. Thus, you should have money for any unforeseen liability. Even for medical expenditures you should have sufficient money. Since it will be a foreign land, you can’t expect anyone to help you. Thus, you should have spare money for that as well.

So these are some of the things which help in planning a budget for a trip. Keeping these in mind will help you in making your travel plan a great success.


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