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Best Tips to Clean Your Washroom


Considering all that we put our bathroom every day, the showers, sinks, toilets and sinks deserve thorough cleaning every once in a while. Fortunately, the modern day plumbing fixtures are especially designed for making the job of cleaning bathrooms easy and quick.

  • Sinks

Right from the dribbles of toothpaste to over spray of the hair products, the sink endures daily barrage of grime and dirt. You can keep it sparkling just with the help of regular cleaning. All you need to do is clean it thoroughly.

  • Shower and tub

Bath oil, soap scum, hair products and a lot of other things assault the shine on the surface of tub and showers while the tub rims, faucets and fixtures offer hiding places to mold, mildew and moisture. Just take out some time and clean these places so that they keep sparkling.

  • Fiberglass showers and glass doors

These surfaces require some special treatment. You may clean them with the help of nonabrasive cleaners like all-purpose bathroom cleaners, baking soda and pine oil. You should avoid the abrasive cleaners or the scrub pads as they can easily scratch and even dull the surface’s finish.

  • Toilet

Cleaning the toilets is not something most of the people like doing. But it is important to clean them at least once in a week.

Just place a liquid toilet-bowl cleaner in the bowl and let your cleaner go off to work. The standing time is important for the deposits to dissolve and for killing the germs so that you do not cut your time short.

A good brush is a must here. In case your brush is mashed or flat, just replace it. You should have a brush which has bristles.

So these are some of the easy bathroom cleaning tips which would help you.

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