10 Activities You Never See in Successful People


Now a days you never see in successful people some activities you can’t help but notice what works and what doesn’t when you spend decades working with executives and business leaders. It’s not your personality or how you conduct yourself that determines your level of success, at least not in the long run. Just what do I mean when I say “behavior”? Your reaction to prolonged pressure. Whether or not you keep your promises. What you’re like in social situations. How you treat your customers is a reflection of you. How dedicated you are to completing the task at hand successfully. Whether you tend to be organized and methodical or haphazard and unfocused. Like that.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve met my fair share of extremely problematic startup founders and CEOs who managed to carve out successful careers for themselves. But eventually, when the going gets tough, they act in destructive ways that come back to haunt them. Unfortunately, they frequently bring their companies down with them.

If you’re serious about making it big in the long run, you should examine your own actions to see if any of these are typical of you.

List of Things You Never See In Successful People


While it’s true that everyone has a certain amount of naiveté to begin with, your success in life will improve if you quickly become more aware and cautious. It’s because fools and suckers never come out on top. You must train yourself to always question information and think critically about where it came from.


The corporate environment frequently presents individuals with stressful situations. Almost often something goes horribly wrong, if not completely wrong. There’s not much hope for you if you can’t control your panicked response to a dangerous situation.


Passion is a key factor in achieving success, but it can backfire if it becomes excessive. It causes one to form inaccurate impressions of the world around them, act illogically, and make poor choices.


Those with ambition realize one universal truth: significant accomplishment is the result of sustained effort. Which explains why they maintain such remarkable levels of concentration and self-control. The vast majority of people are lazy. This is why so few individuals ever accomplish anything noteworthy. It’s as easy as that.

Mentality Based on Short-Term Solutions

Half of what distinguishes the great entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure endurance,” remarked Steve Jobs. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you won’t be able to persevere. Today’s society is plagued by an epidemic of instant gratification seekers. Just saying “that” isn’t good enough.

Exhibiting Acts of Disruptive Behavior

Transferring your negative emotions to the people around you at work and acting out in rage won’t simply ruin your professional relationships, it will also destroy your career.


If you’re going to behave like you’re the center of the universe, you’d better be able to back it up with your abilities. However, your efficiency will suffer if you focus too much on yourself. You are not the focus of a business transaction. The satisfaction of your customers is paramount. Keep in mind who is the one being served.

All of us are in danger because we can’t seem to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of selfishness. The good, desirable kind entails the bravery to put one’s own needs and interests ahead of those of others at certain times; the assurance to be open and honest about one’s wants and desires, not with the intention of hurting or rejecting other people, but rather with the hope of serving them in a deeper, more sustained, and more committed manner in the long run. But bad selfishness serves only itself, with no larger goal or purpose in mind. We’re not saying no because we’re saving up to give someone else a bigger present later; we’re just not interested.

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Unfortunately, because of this misunderstanding, we often fail to express our requirements effectively, leading to devastating outcomes for the very people we are supposed to help. Perhaps we need that daily hour to recharge in order to be effective parents. Perhaps we need to take a long, steamy shower to think things over. Indulgent activities like life sketching or clarinet lessons may be what we need right now. However, because we realize how unconventional these needs can be, we often keep them to ourselves, leading to weariness, resentment, and bitterness toward people who count on us. Without a healthy dose of selfishness, we inevitably deteriorate into grouchy, useless lumps.

The state of being permanently stuck in time, either the past or the future.

The State of Being Permanently Stuck in Time, Either the Past or the Future.

Although looking backwards might teach us valuable lessons, living in the past can only bring us down. In the same way, it’s useless to daydream and prepare for the future if your attention isn’t on the here and now.

I often find myself perplexed by the fact that some people seem perpetually content and successful, while others seem perpetually mired in misery and blame, refusing to consider alternative explanations or even consider the possibility that their own actions may have contributed to their difficulties. The only way out of your predicament is to become greater than it. Now is the moment to shift your attention away from the problems and onto the means by which they can be resolved. Keep in mind that the only way to solve a problem is to create one.

Ignorance With a Sense of Humor

These days, it seems like everyone is saying “whatever works” or “it’s all good” or “no worries,” yet you’ll seldom hear these expressions from truly successful individuals. Although they could be described as many things, apathy is not one of them.


It’s going to be difficult to succeed in the corporate world if you have such a thin skin that the slightest criticism sends you over the edge and every little thing offends you. There is a reason that most successful company leaders are also affable and down-to-earth people. One may say it’s obligatory. Enjoy life and stop taking yourself too seriously.

Finally, this. Anyone who finds even one of these things offensive enough to post an angry flaming remark likely has more than one problem. And yet, there is a silver lining here. You’re not apathetic, at least.

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